The Story Behind A Song: One Thing

I joined a contest on Movellas. I needed to choose a song and I chose One Thing by One Direction. I love this song and thought that I could write a story about it. Music is my life and this is the perfect competition for me!


2. The Story

                     Every girl has that 'one thing' that One Direction is talking about. It may be how they look, talk, or sing. Whatever it is boys look for it. One Direction didn't know what that 'one thing' was. Most teenage girls focus on how they look to attract boys, but what they don't know is that a guy should like them for them. The real them is shown through that 'one thing'. One Direction is pretty much saying that they like the girl for them, not because of how they accessorize or how rich their parents are.

                     Girls out there who think that they are not pretty or not popular enough for a boy to like them need to remember that the right guy for you is one who looks at your heart. This is all what One Direction was singing. They wanted to get this message out there even if many people didn't grasp it.

                     When you are ready to try and find a boyfriend, look for a person who is like you and will love/ like you for you. Don't act desparate and take the first boy who comes knockin' at your door. Wait for 'Mr. Right' to finally come into your life. This was the message I believe One Direction was trying to get out there when they wrote 'One Thing'

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