when kayla's mum meets martin , everything goes wrong . Her mum gets hooked on cocaine , she runs up debts , and soon she finds out what she has done to herself . kayla is forced to be more grown up then she can be , life can sometimes be too much... but how will it end ?


1. the day it rained .

1st of January 2013 - home with mum 

Dear diary , im 13 and my name is Kayla. My mum is called Jane and she is always getting new boyfriends. it's so annoying , i can hear her having sex every night its disgusting . I hate it ... if only you could understand it. omg i sound like such a baby there let me start it all again.

Dear diary , i am sat at home on the sofa wrapped up in a blanket with my dog , willow. My mum , Jane , is in her bedroom , having sex with her horrible boyfriend ,jamie. I hate his guts so much . i wish that he would curl up and die...  it's absolutely freezing and im starving. Mum forget to go shopping so  the fridge is the holder of mouldy fruit and expired cheese.


im fine though , I'm fat enough to survive for a few days. Oh yeah , thats another thing, i am fat ,ugly,and no one likes me . Jamie is out now , he is so mean to me . i take willow into the basement and wait for him to leave. i have to stop writing now ... my ink is going . bye , kayla x

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