The Fight2

[Sequel to The Fight.]
An Image, A memory, A fist. Kasey is nineteen.
She fell in love with Harry Styles. A fighter and criminal with a shady past.
But what's next for Kasey and Harry? Will Kasey follow her heart or her head? Will she be there when Harry needs her most? And will Harry be there in return? Will something get in the way of her feelings? Or simply make things more difficult. Find out, in The Fight2.


2. TWO

I quickly spun around to see a familiar tall guy with perfect hair stood only a short distance away. An instant smile appearing on my face.


"Liam!" I chanted in shock as I found myself diving in to hug his toned body. Having his warm grip wrap around me was somewhat comforting and just what I needed. Just his presence made me feel more relaxed and happier.


"Hi." He replied bluntly looking at Joe with a stern face and then back to me. Wow. Talk about a death glare!


"Joe, this is Liam. The guy I was talking about earlier, who I box with..." I trailed off as I realised I hadn't been to The Ring in ages and I actually somewhat missed the stench of sweat and rather pleasing sight of sweaty guys. 


"Oh, and Liam this is Joe." I gestured with my hands. 


"Nice to meet you bro." Joe greeted Liam holding his hand out to shake but Liam just stood giving him an uncomfortable glare and leaving Joe's hand in midair. I hadn't seen Liam act this way before. He was always so kind and welcoming. But, not to Joe.... I gave Liam a confused look but he softened my expression with a sweet smile. I felt my stomach melt as he put one of his arms around my waist and kissed me on the cheek. Well that was unexpected.


"How have you been?" He asked politely. Still in a slight shock that Liam had kissed my cheek I glanced over to Joe who was stood awkwardly looking everywhere but at us.


"Umm, fine." I lied.


"Me and Joe were just locking the shop up." I carried on talking as I moved from his hold and pointed towards the closed shop and Liam threw another glare at Joe. 


"Yeah, we were talking about her banged up head. A girl like her shouldn't be boxing, she's only delicate. You should take more care of her." Joe joked, I let out a quiet giggle but Liam didn't seem amused and just carried on staring at him with a tensed jaw as his eye brows began to furrow.


"Well, I-I suppose I'd better head off. I've got some things I need to do before I go home." Joe stumbled over his words, obviously feeling the pressure under Liam's stare. 


"Oh ok. See you next week sometime then?" I replied to Joe and walked towards him leaning in for a goodbye hug. 


"So, have you seen Harry recently?" Liam's voice prevented me from hugging Joe and I froze to the spot. He did that on purpose. He know what Harry had done to Joe and what he would more than likely do again if he even knew Joe looked at me. All my emotions built up again. I gulped and then slowly turned to Liam and shook my head. He had a smirk on his face, like the ones Ha- My body shuddered as his name echoed in my mind. As Liam saw how upset I had become his smirk quickly faded and he hurried towards me wrapping his big arms around my little body and saying,


"I'm sorry." His soft apologetic voice and warm touch soothed me, calmed me. In a way Liam made me forget about what happened with Ha- him. But, he couldn't keep all of the thoughts away. 


"I'll walk you home." His voice was still soft as he placed an arm around my waist encouraging me to walk. 


"I'm fine. It's ok." I twisted my body towards him and moved his arm away still annoyed at his attitude towards Joe and the fact he mentioned HIM. Liam's face then fell worried and a little concerned. I grew confused as I watched the corners of his mouth start to rise into a cheeky smile before he began to speak.


"I'll walk you home. Make you a hot chocolate with marsh mellows and whipped cream. Then we can sit down, watch a movie and have a catch up." Liam's idea was more of a demand than a choice and I couldn't help but smile although I knew his little catch up would involve trying to find out why I was so depressing. He then placed his arm back around my waist and we began to walk down the street to my house.

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