The Fight2

[Sequel to The Fight.]
An Image, A memory, A fist. Kasey is nineteen.
She fell in love with Harry Styles. A fighter and criminal with a shady past.
But what's next for Kasey and Harry? Will Kasey follow her heart or her head? Will she be there when Harry needs her most? And will Harry be there in return? Will something get in the way of her feelings? Or simply make things more difficult. Find out, in The Fight2.


3. Everything Suddenly Became So, So, Very, Awkward.

The gentle walk back to my house was somewhat strange. Liam acted weirdly...well not weirdly but differently. We didn't really talk much as our feet met the gritty pavement and the silence only broke when Liam tried to make a conversation by asking how my day had been. Once again I replied with a simple 'Fine.' and that pretty much ended that little chitchat. Oddly enough Liam kept his firm grip around my waist until we reached my front door. It was bizarre but insignificantly comforting...and I mean it would have been ok...if I wasn't trying to be mad at him. Still annoyed at the way he treated Joe I would bluntly hum in agreement to the things he would start saying until I would look up at him and see that sweet little smile beaming down at me. 


Aww. So hard to be mad. 


When we did reach my house I quickly unlocked the door walking in, in a hurry and leaving Liam to enter out of his own free will. I stressfully tried to force my work shoes from my feet and became annoyed when I couldn't undo one of the laces. 


"Need some help there love?" Liam chuckled and knelt down untying the knotted lace. I flashed a small smile in his direction before giving him a quiet 'thank you' and walking into the living room. He quickly followed behind me as I started heading from the living room to the kitchen. Then I felt his soft touch pull me back. Liam gently put his arms around my waist and leant his head on my shoulder as my back pushed against his chest. 


"You stay here and I'll go make you that drink I promised." I could feel his warm breath brush against my skin sending shivers around my body. Why was Liam being so- so- I don't know, close? I slowly turned my head to the side and nodded with a fake smile. Our faces were only millimetres apart when I began to get lost in his gaze. His gorgeous brown eye's flickering back and forth from my eyes to my lips. I could feel as butterflies started to arise in my stomach. What was happening? I wanted to so badly kiss him right now. But that wouldn't be the right thing to do...would it? 'It's all in the heat of the moment Kasey.' I thought to myself as I tried to stop myself from being pulled into this fantasy. But it didn't work. My head gradually started to move closer to his, now only an even smaller distance apart. I carefully watched Liam's tongue smoothly wet his lips as I bit mine. Was this really going to happen? Oh. My. Gosh. We stayed in this position for a short moment until Liam seductively licked his lips once more and leaned himself even closer. Our lips were almost touching when everything suddenly became so, so, very, awkward. Liam quickly backed off, doing an uncomfortable sort of cough and running his hand through his hair. 


"Urhh...I think I'll go make that drink." He quickly backed himself up as he left the living room and entered the kitchen without another word.



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