Abandoned- Bastille Pompeii

Short story for the song inspired competition. Hope you enjoy!


2. I love you.

The thundering sound of gun shots awoke me from my deep slumber. I must of overslept as the people are getting close. Really close. I need to get out of here. Now. With a new found energy, I jumped up from my sitting position and began to sprint.

Fear had me trapped in it's cage as I ran down street after street. There getting closer! I thought to myself. My throat began to tense up, making it hard to breath and I felt my legs slowing down. I was truly terrified. But I can't let that take a hold of me. With one huge breath, my worries swept off me and I picked up speed. I tried to pretend that I couldn't hear the gun shots and the sound of quick footsteps. I tried to focus on my speed. Eventually, I was making great distance and the sounds became quieter. I gave out a sigh of relief as the sound completely left my ears. I was able to get away. I'll be safe.

The sight of black eyes stopped me in my tracks. I was wrong. They found me. I felt my breath quicken at an alarming rate. A group of people armed with guns stard at me with the words 'Kill the unwanted' escaping from their lips. And the worst thing was, was that my brother was there at the front, leading the group. This was the same person who wouldn't let a fly hurt me. The person who always gave me that smile of his.My big brother. I tried to move but my feet were paralised to the ground. The fear had risen again and it held me tightly. The sound of a gun firing and the sudden pain that fired up my arm brought me to my senses. I had been shot in my left arm. I felt the hot tears well up in my eyes as the pain grew stronger. Bang! Another shot in my right leg. I felt like screaming but my voice box remained locked.

Half limping, half running I began to attempt escaping from the group. I can't die. Not yet. I have so much yet to do. I'm only 14. I'll never be able to live a full life to the fullest. All my dreams and hopes had shattered at that moment. Forever. I'll never be able to have a family. I'll never be able to raise my children. I'll never be able to grow old and remember good times. Never.

 Eventually I made my way to a sealed gate that took away my chances of escaping. I had lost. There was no where left to go. With blood and tears falling to the ground I looked toward the group of people, making there way towards me. This is it. My fight for survival is over. I slumped onto the  ground and leaned my back against the icy cold gate. I heard myself wimper softly as the group towered over me. My brother stared at me with menacing eyes full of darkness. A sudden desperate feeling tugged at me with might which caused me to whimper:

" Brother please! Please don't kill me! It's me your little sister! Please try to remember me! Please,please, please remember me! I know you're in there! Brother!"

It was no use.

My brother put the gun up to my forhead. Saddness shook my body and desperation ran in my veins. I closed my eyes. I thought of the city I used to know, the city I used to love. I almost convinced myseld that nothing had changed. I almost believed that everything was alright. But it wasn't.

" Brother.......I Love you."









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