Niall Horan is the most popular boy in Westfield High School. When the new girl, Macie McCoy, arrives, Niall's view on girls completely changes. Will Macie let him into his life? Or will she just shun him out like every other guy that tried hooking up with her? This may seem like the cliché bad boy story, but let me tell you. It's not.


9. Chapter 9

Macie's POV

I stretch my arms over my head as I then grab a pillow and burry my face in it. Monday already? Ugh. I pry myself out of bed to get ready for the day. I didn't really feel like wearing anything too like, "dressy", not that I normally did, just whenever I feel like it.

I slip on some medium wash skinny jeans, rolling up the bottom of them a bit, and my favorite baby-doll style tank top. It was a light pink with a few studs on the straps. I then grab my white strapped sandals and slipped them on my feet. I wasn't in the mood to do anything with my hair so I just threw it up into a top-knot bun and then proceeded to do my makeup.

I was finally finished. I grabbed my ring I got from my grandma and slid it onto my right ring finger, grabbing my backpack as well. I swing my bag over my shoulder and walk downstairs.

"Morning, Mace," my mom greets me. "Morning." I grab an apple from the fruit bowl on the counter and head towards the door. "It's not time to leave yet," my mom said puzzled. "Huh? Oh it's nice out, I'm going to walk to school." "Oh, okay. Be safe!" "Yeah, yeah," I snap.

I open the front door, biting my apple as I ran into a tall figure.

Niall's POV

I thought I would surprise Macie by picking her up and taking her to school. I wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings while walking up to her door. I suddenly ran into a petite figure, it was Macie.

"Niall? What are you doing here?" "I-I came to surprise you. I'm taking you to school," I said with confidence. "Oh, okay! I was going to walk, but you can give me a ride," she smiled.

I grabbed her hand as I led her to my car, opening the door for her. I ran to the drivers side and hopped in, starting the car up.

"Uh, Niall? Do you have any gum? I forgot to brush my teeth and I have apple breath," she giggles. "Yeh, it's in the glove box." She leans over to the box grabbing out the pack of gum. "Ohmygod I love this stuff!" she assured me. "Really? It's my favorite flavor!" "SAME," she replied, chewing the wad of gum.


I pull into the student parking lot. I could sense Macie was becoming nervous just by the way she quickly adjusted the way she was sitting like every five seconds. "Mace..." I softly spoke stroking her knee, "It's going to be okay. Remember, I won't let anything happen." She flashed me a small reassuring smile. "Okay," she whimpered.

I step out of the car and walk over to her side and open the door for her.

Macie's POV

My heart was practically beating out of my chest. First, Niall and I have only been together for like two days, we were the only ones that knew. Second, I'm the new girl and I'm with the boy that has the reputation of skipping class and sleeping with every girl he practically lays eyes on. Even though he is the complete opposite.

Niall came around to my side and opened the passenger door. I looked up to see him giving me a look that everything is okay. I trusted him, but my own mind was still scared shitless.

He reached out his hand to help me out of the car. He pulled me up, closing the door with his other hand that wasn't intertwined with mine. He gave my hand a little squeeze to try and calm me down. I looked up at the perfect boy, who was already looking down at me. He closed his eyes and leant down and softly kissed the top of my head. Luckily no one was really around to see it. "C'mon," he quietly spoke.


We walked up to the front of the school where everyone was messing around, just like on the first day. The spot that I had first saw Niall was occupied by the other four boys that was with him that day. We walked passed them as they all gave Niall a look like "alright, bro!" But Niall just shook his head informing them as if it's not what they think.

 A couple of people shot us weird glances as if we were actually together. Well duh, we're not just holding hands because we feel like it.

I recognize a small figure that was walking towards us, it was Brooke. Niall kind of gave her an awkward glance, Brooke returning one to him as well. "Awh, so you two do have a thing! I knew it!" I chuckled, "yeah, maybe we do." I squeeze Niall's hand a little letting him know I'm warming up to the idea of us being seen.

Niall's POV

A small figure was walking towards us, it was Brooke. We gave each other an awkward glare. "Awh, so you two do have a thing! I knew it!" Macie, giggled, god I love her laugh, "yeah, maybe we do." Macie squeezed my hand a little letting me know she was doing alright with the idea of us being seen. Brooke gave us a small smile and walked away.

"What was up with that look you two exchanged?" Macie asked. "Uhh." I was a bit hesitant if I should tell her or not, but I want to be honest with her. "I was at this one party, and I may have been a little drunk, andddd we may have had a really heated make-out sesh," I explained. "Ahhh, I see." "Yeah..."

We continued walking up to the front doors. I opened the one set for her, "after you, my lady," I bowed in a joking manor. "Why, thank you," she giggled, curtseying. I walked in behind her, my arm snaking around to her waist as I held her close. A few people here and there gave us a few looks, but I don't care with what people think. Macie makes me feel like a better person and that's all that really matters.

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