Niall Horan is the most popular boy in Westfield High School. When the new girl, Macie McCoy, arrives, Niall's view on girls completely changes. Will Macie let him into his life? Or will she just shun him out like every other guy that tried hooking up with her? This may seem like the cliché bad boy story, but let me tell you. It's not.


8. Chapter 8

Macie's POV

*whispers* "Are they together?" "He already has the new girl?" "Is she stupid?"

My head shot left and then right, rolling back and forth on my pillow. There was a faint knock at the door that had surprisingly woke me up due to how quiet it was. Thank god it was just a dream again.

"Macie?" a young boys voice questions. "Come in," I say sleepily. It was about 9 in the morning, really, on a sunday? Why is he up this early? No one is really awake till 12 minimum, we are a family that likes to sleep. "Did I wake you?" he asks. "Kind of, but it's ok. What's up?"

Max was silent. "Max?" I ask concerned. His face became a bit pale, "can I talk to you about something?" "Sure, bud. What is it?" This was really starting to scare me. Max rarely talks about things with me unless he doesn't want mom or dad to find out. Uh oh. What could it be then?

"You know how we're both the new kids at our schools?" he mumbles, I nod my head. "Well, I kind of get picked on because I'm that 'new kid'." Oh thank god. I know getting picked on is bad, but it's just not something stupid like I did at 13, I won't get into detail about that right now. "Aww, Max," I whine pulling him into a hug, "what are their names?" He swallows hard, "Jack and Luke." "Did these boy's physically hurt you, or just with words?" "Words," he says behind his teeth. "Do you want to tell me what they said, or not yet?" He looked up at me, he looked so...fragile. "Later?" "Yeah that's fine, buddy. Whenever you're ready." "Thanks, Macie." His small arms wrapped around me, giving me a faint hug. "How bout some breakfast? Cheesy eggs with ham?" His face lights up, "yeah."

We head downstairs to the kitchen, Max grabs a stool at the island with a built in bar-height counter.

I crack two eggs in a bowl and mix them up, adding a little milk to make them fluffy. I grab a pan from the cupboard and place it on the stove, heating the pan up. I put a little butter on the pan and then pour the egg mixture onto it. I grab the bag of shredded cheese and sprinkle some on top of the bubbling substance, adding in ham as well.

The eggs were finally finished and I scrapped them onto a plate for Max. "Bon appetite," I say sliding the plate in front of him. "Thanks."

It was about 10am now, I made some eggs for myself. Max and I were sitting at the island when suddenly my phone vibrated against the countertop.

From: Niall<3

Goooooodmorning, princess :)

 A smile instantly smeared across my face.

To: Niall<3

Goodmorning, my prince<3

"What are you smiling at?" Max asked, disgust in his tone. "Huh?" He rolled his eyes, "you. You were just smiling at your phone." I looked at the screen to my iPhone to see the goodmorning message from Niall and smiled again. "Yeah, like that!" "Oh, just a funny picture." Max furrowed his eyebrows, "no it wasn't. Was it that guy Niall?" "Maybe..." "Macie is in looooove," he teases, making smooch sounds. "Uh, no." "Whatever you say, Mace. Because when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night I totally didn't hear 'Niall, Niall! Ah!'. Bet you had some sweet dreams," he remarks, pride in his step as he walks from the counter. My jaw fell open. How the hell would he know about that kind of stuff? I know he had health class but I doubt that those kinds of things were taught. Whatever, he's a young teenage boy.


***oooo sassy max! hahaha please leave feedback on how the story is so far! it really means a lot!

Thanks so much for reading! -Brianna

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