Niall Horan is the most popular boy in Westfield High School. When the new girl, Macie McCoy, arrives, Niall's view on girls completely changes. Will Macie let him into his life? Or will she just shun him out like every other guy that tried hooking up with her? This may seem like the cliché bad boy story, but let me tell you. It's not.


13. Chapter 12

**I know in the first chapter I had said that Macie was 18, but she's 17 ok yeah lol enjoy! You guys have been patient for me to update while I was busy!**


Niall's POV

The weekend was finally here. This week went by kinda slow, but not the first like two weeks of school. The only really exciting thing that ever happens in the beginning of school was my birthday. Which, is this weekend by the way aka tomorrow. I will finally be 18.


It was Friday night. Me and Macie did what we normally do, watch movies at my place. We've only been going out since school literally started and it feels like I have known her my whole life, just one of those people ya know?

"So, do you know what tomorrow is?" I asked, pulling her closer to me as we sat on the couch. "Hmmm, Saturday?" she said, nuzzling her head into my neck.

"Ha ha, very funny."

"I was kidding. Of course I know it's your birthday!" she informed me, playfully hitting my arm.

Macie's POV

How could he think I forgot his birthday? I have the most perfect plan for tomorrow night.


I loved Niall's house. Since he ran on natural day light, he used flash lights and candles to light his house, just like he said. I loved it.

There were candles everywhere in the living room. All lined up on the bookshelves along the wall, spread out on the coffee table, even some on the tv stand. The candles just set the mood so nicely.

"So what movie tonight, babe?" Niall asked. I was in the mood for a romantic comedy tonight. One of my favorite movies did the trick, "how about the ugly truth?" "Sure."

Niall scrolled through Netflix, "it doesn't seem to be up here tonight, princess." Damn it. "Aw that's okay."

"Do you have any other movies in mind?" I hadn't really, just that one. So I shook my head no. "I have an idea," Niall said getting up from the couch. He grabbed a flashlight from a basket in the living room and headed towards what looked like the basement. "Where are you going?" "You'll see!"


I heard a door close, Niall must be back. He walked in the living room with a thin, rectangular box in his hands. "Whatcha got there?" I questioned.

Niall's POV

"Do you have any other movies in mind?" Macie shook her head no. "I have an idea!" I exclaimed, getting off the couch. I walked over to a small bin of flashlights I kept in my living room and headed towards the basement.

"Where are you going?" Macie cried. "You'll see!"


I had remembered one night Macie and I were texting, playing 20 questions. I had asked what her favorite childhood board game was. She had said it was Candy Land.


I walked over to a large bin where my parents had kept all my board games from when I was a kid. I took the top off and saw it. Sitting right on top was Candy Land. I picked the box up and brushed some of the dust off and put the lid to the bin back on. I walked over to the staircase and made my way back upstairs.

I closed the door behind me. "Whatcha got there?" Macie wondered. I walked over to the open area of the carpet in the living room. "C'mere," I demanded, patting a spot next to me on the carpet. She obeyed.

She sat next to me, sitting criss-cross-applescauce. I looked over to see her face filled with excitement. "Niall!" she exclaimed. She added, "I can't believe you remembered!" I shrugged my shoulders like it was nothing. Because really, it was. It was easy for me to remember the little things about people. Like I know for a fact Macie is addicted to iced coffee and her favorite thing to get at Starbucks right now was a Cotton Candy frappe.


Macie took the top of the box off and grabbed out all of the cards and gingerbread man game pieces, and the game board. She organized all the cards in one pile in the middle of the game board. "What color gingerbread man do you want, Niall?" she asked me. "Well what one do you want?" Macie brought her pointer finger to her mouth and thought. "Hmm, blue!" I chuckled, "I'll take green."

"Ladies first," I said pointing towards the pile of cards. Macie picked up the first card, two blue spaces. She moved her piece and now it was my turn. I picked up the next card and it was the candy cane guy. "Awh, no fair! Now you're ahead of me!" "Don't worry, Mace. You'll probably win anyway," I grinned.


After an intense game of Candy Land, it was slowly coming to an end. Me and Macie were close to the end of the trail in the game. Both of our next turns determined who won. "You're next," Macie said, pointing to the pile of cards. I drew a card, shit. "AGGGGHHH!" "What!? What did you get!?" Macie asked anxiously. She snatched the card from my hand and started laughing, "HAHA, you have to go aaaall the way back to the gumdrop guy!" I picked my green gingerbread man up and went to where the gumdrop guy was, see I knew she would win.

Macie drew the next card, I leaned over and saw, it was a purple one. Which she needed to win. "Yaaay!" She moved her piece to the end of the trail, "I win!"

"See, didn't I say you would win?" I smirked. "Shut up," she replied playfully

We just sat there as the sound of our laughter filled the air. I looked over at her. The light being admitted from the candles lit her face perfectly, the twinkle in her eyes still able to be seen. Her smile that was ever so perfect was tugging at her lips. Her lips. They were soft and warm, every time I kissed them I received this feeling of passion. This feeling of trust, happiness. This feeling of love.

I slowly leaned over and pressed my lips against hers, catching her off guard. We both slowly fell to the ground till the point where we were lying down, me on top. Every time I kissed Macie it felt like we were the only two people on earth. It was just a moment that felt so intimate, so perfect, even though it happens so quick sometimes, it feels like forever. We both pulled away, a smile swept across her face. I leaned my forehead against hers, "that was perfect." "Couldn't agree more."

I kissed her forehead as I laid down next to her, pulling her close. Her small arms wrapped around my torso as I wrapped mine around her shoulders. She must have been extremely tired. As soon as we cuddled close, she was out like a light.


** I hoped you enjoyed chapter 12 thanks for reading :) -Brianna


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