Niall Horan is the most popular boy in Westfield High School. When the new girl, Macie McCoy, arrives, Niall's view on girls completely changes. Will Macie let him into his life? Or will she just shun him out like every other guy that tried hooking up with her? This may seem like the cliché bad boy story, but let me tell you. It's not.


10. Chapter 10

hey sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been busy finishing exams and such, but that is done and over with, so I hope to post more often! -Brianna


Macie's POV

My class before lunch finally ended, I was starving!

I walked over to my locker to put my bag and books away and grab my lunch. The halls quickly cleared, a majority of the school has lunch right now.

The bell rang to be in the next class, me having lunch, doesn't matter if I'm "late".

I went over to Niall's locker, figuring we could walk to lunch together. Just as I was about to turn the corner, I hear something a bit disturbing. It sounded like Niall, but angry.

"Listen here, you say one more thing about her, you won't see the sun rise tomorrow morning got it?" I peaked my head around the wall to have a better look of what was happening. Niall had some guy pinned onto the lockers, his hands gripping the front of the kids shirt.

My foot had lost balance from trying not to be seen, I quickly, and quietly, ran into the near corner hoping Niall didn't see me. Shit.

Niall's POV

I wasn't really going to severely hurt this kid, but I didn't like what I heard him saying about my girl. He was saying shit on how a guy like me, being 'the way that I am', could be with a innocent girl like her. But the heart wants, what the heart wants. And I wanted Macie.


I hear a little scuff coming from the corner. I see a quick glance of dirty-blonde locks turn away. I let go of the guy and walk over to the small area to see a girl hiding behind her arms. "Macie?" Her head slowly rose as her beautiful blue eyes bored into mine. "It wasn't what it looked like, I swear!" She walked a little closer to me, "just tell me what really happened and I will forgive, and trust you," she whispered. I explained the whole thing, how the guy was basically disproving our relationship and that I didn't care what people had to think about us. We are happy, why can't people just realize that?

She gave me a reassuring nod. "Baby, I told you I wouldn't let anything bad happen, didn't I?" She nodded her head slightly, letting a small giggle escape. "I just didn't think you would handle it like that though...maybe ease it down a little next time?" she confronted me.

I snaked my hands around her petite frame, "of course. I just get a little aggressive when I get defensive over something. Ya know being alone for about two years doesn't help," I chuckled. "Well, I'm here." My heart practically stopped. Every time she said those words, 'I'm here', it made me flutter with nothing but security and happiness.

"Let's go grab some lunch, yeh?" She shook her head yes and I laced my fingers with hers. Something about this girl made me who I am today. Just trying to figure out why is the hard part.


*sorry this chapter is kind of short..and lame. the next chapter will be better hopefully! thanks for reading ^.^

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