1. Fire Master

You're going to die, Sona, the familiar voice told me. I smiled, and held my hand before me. Flames flickered to life.

If you are strong enough, then yes. But if you are still as weak as the last time I faced you, then no, I'm not, I replied. My opponent stepped out of the shadows and into the ring, his gold-yellow eyes gleaming. He was like me, really. Neither of us would admit it, but we were alike. At least... phisically. But with very different opinions.

Ready? I asked him.

Ready to kill you, Sona? Always.

And with that, our match begun. The flames in my palm grew to the size of a dragon as I sent them forwards, towards him. As always, he was ready, holding his hands out in front of him and vanquishing the flames with a burning fire of his own.

Same element, different minds, I laughed bitterly, remembering the time he'd been my friend. I dodged a burst of fire, absorbing it's energy into my own hands.

And with equally matched power, he added, a bolt of fire streaking towards me.

Indeed, I agreed, chanelling the fire into my own powers, and sending it back. He intercepted it with flames of his own, then darted forwards, dodging or absorbing fireballs.

"STOP!" A voice screamed through both of our minds, a voice so strong that we had no option but to stop attacking the other.

"Stop fighting, and get over it. Or I will personally come down and slaughter you," the voice said again. We both looked up to the top of the ring, where spectators could stand. And there, with his face cast in shadow, was the fire master himself. Instantly, I dropped to my knees and bowed. My opponent did the same, looking less alarmed than I to see our king watching our fight.

"Rise," he spoke. Then, not waiting for us to stand, he continiued. "I'm looking for fire wielders to train. You both look like skilled warriors. If you want me to train you, then-"

"Sorry, but I'm not interested," my opponent said. His eyes blazed defiantly, as if he were daring the fire master to come down and change his mind.

"Very well," the fire master said. "And you?"

I realised he spoke to me. In my mind, I could hear my opponent hissing,

Are you actually considering this? He's the fire-master, he only wants new slaves. Theres no way he'd be interested in you, of all people. Take my advice; become stronger and give me a challenge, and don't become a slave, he told me, his tone cruel.

I will become stronger, trust me- by training with the fire-master! I growled in my mind. My opponent scoffed, and turned away. It was at that point that I realised the fire master was looking at me expectantly.

"I...I'll come. I'll train with you," I promised. The fire master smiled at my reply.

"Then I will await you at the landing-docks tommorrow," he told me, and, turning with a swirl of his gold-orange cloak, strode away. I stood, unmoving, for a second. And then,

Wait! We haven't finished our battle yet.

We don't need to, he growled. Not if you're going to be a slave of the fire-master.

And with that, he left the ring.

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