Darkness -Zayn Malik- (+15)

What your freedom is taken from you, just because you want to safe the person you love?
What would it be like to live with vampires? That's some of the questions Nicole(Nicki) is going to answer.
(This is a vampire fanfic with Zayn. I got the Idea, when I saw Twilight, hope you like it).


2. The Palace

“Let go of me your monster!” I hiss to the vampire holding me. It is my third time trying to escape from my house this night, but every time I get caught. That Idiot to Zayn have set securities around my house in case I would try to escape.


The vampire throw me at my bed, once again, and disappear, once again.


“Why do you keep trying? They’ll get mad at you if you don’t stop, and who knows what they’ll do to you if that happens?” Justin say to me, he sit on the other side of my bed. He promised to stay with me through the night. He tried to help me escape the first time, but the vampires punished him for helping instead of me for escaping.


“I have no plans about staying at the palace and be the kings walking sex toy!” I snapped.

I look at Justin, he looks at me with sad eyes.


“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to snap at you, I’m just so mad and confused and... S-scared” I frown at the last word. I’m not usually scared at anything.  


“I know” Justin replies. I smile at him, then I lean in and we kiss, it’s so passionately.

He lick my bottom lip asking for entrance and I open my mouth and let him in. We fight dominance but in the end Justin wins.

We both pull away at the same time, panting heavily.


“I love you Jus” I say, and look at him.


“I love you too Nicki” he replies.






I wake up next morning to Justin shaking me gently.


“Time to wake up princess” He say in an attempt to wake me up. My eyes flew open and I look at him through narrowed eyes.


“Don’t call me that, ever again” I say as calm as I can. He soon realize what I mean. I don’t want to hear about anything that have anything to do with the palace or king ever again.


I slowly get out of bed and head towards the kitchen. I open the door.


“...My king” my mom voice say. I wanna puke. That was a short ever again.


I open the door fully and walk in to see my mom and... Zayn sitting at the dinner table and talking. Wow, I didn’t know that the king actually did talk to humans like he actually cared.


“Good morning honey” my mom say when she sees me. Zayn turn his head and smirks when he see me. Too late do I realize that I’m only in my really short shorts and a low cut tank top. Zayn’s eyes look me up and down, then they stop at my breasts, and he lick his lips.


Just then Justin walks in, coming from my bedroom. I see Zayn’s eyes narrow, my mom see that too and she give me a “what in hell were you thinking” look. I just smirked as an evil plan formed in my head.


I turn around and place my lips at Justins. First he’s shocked but then he kisses me back. I can feel Zayn’s eyes on us and I can just imagine how that smirk has totally disappeared from his lips.


My mom walks out of the room and slams the door after her. I pull away and smile at Justin.


“Are you kissing your brother now?” Zayn ask. I turn around to see the smirk, haven’t left his lips. Damn it! I told Zayn that Justin was my brother.


“Anything to stay away from you” I spat. Zayn raised his eyebrows at me.


“Jake!” He calls out. In two seconds the vampire from yesterday stand with us.

“Take her suitcase when you come to the palace” Zayn say, and with that he picks me up, and before I can say anything else we are in front of the palace.


“Remember who you are talking to love” Zayn say, I can hear the sarcasm at the last word.


“Just get your dirty hands of me, you piece of shit” I spat.


Zayn chuckled, not an amused chuckled, a chuckle that tells you to shut your mouth.


“Don’t talk back at me. If you do I’ll punish you” Zayn warned.


“Oh, buhu what can you possibly do to me?” I hiss.


Zayn look at me, and give me an evil smile, then before I know it, he throws me on a bed.


“Welcome to my room. Or should I say the punish room?” Zayn chuckle dark.


I look at him, in fear. He start to walk toward the bed, I start to crawl back, then all of a sudden Zayn is straddling me.


“Wh-what are you doing?” I ask. Zayn give me a cheeky smirk.


“Teach you a lesson” He reply.     






(A/N) Hey! I know it’s a short chapter sorry! I’ll be updating again tomorrow. Hope you liked it, feel free to leave a comment. x



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