Darkness -Zayn Malik- (+15)

What your freedom is taken from you, just because you want to safe the person you love?
What would it be like to live with vampires? That's some of the questions Nicole(Nicki) is going to answer.
(This is a vampire fanfic with Zayn. I got the Idea, when I saw Twilight, hope you like it).


1. Pure Hate

I hate to live here. It’s like I’m living in a cage. I’m a human.

I look in the mirror. I quickly brush my long brown hair. When I’m done I apply a little makeup. I look out the window; the sun is shining so I put on some white short shorts and blue low cut, tank top. Then I walk down the stairs to my mom and dad in the kitchen.


“Good morning honey” my mom says, as I walk in.


“Mornin” I reply and smiles at her.


“Nicki!” I hear my little sister yell.


“What?” I yell back. My mom rolls her eyes at me. I know what she’s thinking ‘go in to her’ but I’m just too lazy for that.


Then Olivia my sister, shows up in the kitchen, she smiles at me, I just raise my eyebrows.

“Nothing, I just wanted to know if you were awake” she says, and giggles. I’m not hungry, so I spin on my heels and is about to walk into the living room when my mom grip my arm.

“Nicole” she begins. I feel myself getting annoyed; I hate my name, that’s why everyone calls me Nicki. “I really need some milk, for the breakfast, can you please go buy some?” she asks, as kindly as possible. I look at her, she gives me the ‘don’t argue with me’ look, and I sigh and nod.

“Remember, if you meet one of them, behave” my mom reminds me in a stern voice. I roll my eyes. My mom’s talking about the vampires. I hate those bastards more than anything else. We were raised to love them. We’ve always learned about how to be sweet to a vampire; we have to follow the rules.

Well tomorrow I turn 18, and I’m free to leave this shithole! One of the rules says, when you turn 18 you can decide to stay, or move to another country.

I’ve been in too many ‘fights’ with some of the vampires, they always want sex, and as a human I’m not allowed to say no, but I do it anyways.

The bad thing is, every time, my parents have to take my punishment, ‘cause they won’t let me take it myself.


I give my mom a fast nod before I go out of the door.

I fast buy the milk and head home. No vampires! I smile to myself as I walk.

“Please, please, I’m sorry!” I suddenly hear someone yell. And stupid as I am, I start to run towards the voices. I turn a corner and immediately stops. It’s my love, Justin. He lies on the ground covered in blood with two vampires bend over him.

Calm down Nicki. No panic, you have to help him!

I run to his side, and sit on the ground next to him.


“Nicki?” He asks. “Go home, you shouldn’t be here” he continued.


“Neither should you” I hiss through my teeth, I’m pissed. I turn to face the two vampires.


“What in hell are you doing to him you nasty bastards?” I yell.


“Watch your language young lady” one of them warns, and in a second they are both in front of me.

I know I could get myself killed just to stand against them, but right now, I couldn’t care less.

Remember what mom said! Breath in, out. I took a deep breath and relaxed a little.


“What have he done?” I asked, more calmly now.


“We heard him say some shit about the king” say the same vampire as before.

 My eyes narrow. I hate the king. Zayn Malik. E’s the strongest, fastest, most dangerous of all vampires. That’s the reason he’s the king. Why should he absolutely live in my fucking town?


“So what? He’s nothing but a heartless, disgusting vampire” I spit. I can’t control my anger around them.


“Nicki, don’t” I hear Justin warn me, from behind. I shut my mouth closed. I don’t want to get him into more trouble.


“You’re so hot. Maybe I’m gonna fuck you in front of your little boy friend here” the vampire closest at me says.


I roll my eyes. I knew it would come. Vampires only see humans as their fuck toys. Well, I’m not going to be one of them.


“Don’t touch her!” I hear Justin defend me. The vampire who have been silent, all the time, suddenly appear beside Justin, and kick him hard in the stomach.


“NO!” I scream shocked. The other vampire forcefully pulls me to my up, he slid his arm around my waist, but I don’t pay any attention towards him, my eyes are locked at Justin.


“Let him go!” I cry out.


“I-I’m fine N-Nicki, don’t worry” Justin say to me. I gasp as I feel a hand squeezing me breast, a little too hard.


“I like the size” the vampire moan.


“Get of me” I hiss. The vampire ignores me and continues.


“Go fuck the king. I’m sure he would enjoy this much more than I am!” I spit. As soon as the words leave my lips, I regret them. The vampire immediately stops touching me, the other vampire stops kicking Justin and he is just looking up at me in disbelief.

Well done Nicki, now you’re dead.  


“Who are you?” My attacker ask, anger filled his voice.


“Nicki. Nicki Foster.” I answer, without hesitation.

 “Foster... I’m sure I’ve heard that name before” My attacker starts. “Isn’t she the girl...” my attacker don’t get to finish his sentence.


“Yeah she is” the other vampire says, a dark smile plays on his lips. It sends a shiver down my spine.


 “C’mon, sweetheart we are going to take you home” my attacker says, picking me up, bridal style.


“What about Justin?” I ask.


“Take him Jake” My attacker says to the other vampire.


Before I know anything else we are in front of my house. The vampire set me down and we walk in, to see my mom looking up at us, worry in her eyes, as she sees the two vampires.


Jake fast explain the things to my mom, he make it sound like I’m the wrong person!

“The king’s on his way over here, he wants to decide the punishment himself” Jake finish.

I sigh as the door opens and a handsome, young man walks in.


“Sorry, we can’t have guests right now, that idiot to a king can be here any minute” I say to him, not bothering to be any kind.


“Nic-“ my mom start but the male cut her off, by giving her a warning look. Then I realize it. He’s the king. Fuck.

A playful smirk’s on the kings lips.


“You are the king” I say. He smiles at me.


“Damn it” I curse.


“So, I’m here to decide a punishment to Nicki Foster?” He say, looking at Jake who nod at him.


“I take the punishment for her” My mom spoke. The king shook his head as he looks back at me.


“Just get it over with! Wanna beat me to death? Drink my blood?” I ask disgusted. Zayn gives me an arrogant smirk.


“Zayn, my king, show mercy don’t hurt my daughter” My mom cry.


“Everyone out” Zayn says. Everyone leaves expect for me, Zayn and Justin.


“How old are you love?” Zayn ask me.


“17, I turn 18 tomorrow” I answer confused over the question. Zayn smirks at me.


“Perfect. Your punishment will be, tomorrow, your coming with me to the palace, and you’re going to stay there as long as I please, you’re going to be mine” Zayn say, and lick his lips.


I know exactly what that means, I’m going to be the kings personal fuck toy.


I can’t breathe. I just stand there.


“From tomorrow of, your beautiful body, belongs to me” Zayn say, I shook my head in disbelief.


“Don’t you dare lay a finger on her!” I hear Justin spoke for the first time.


“Just ignore him” I say, I don’t want Justin, the love of my life to get hurt at any point.


“Don’t you dare touch her” Justin say raising his voice. The arrogant smirk is back on Zayn’s lips.


“Actually I can’t wait to touch her naked body, and hear her moan my name in pleasure as I-“


“STOP” Justin yells. I have tears in my eyes; at how Justin react I can’t stand the thought of not see him, and not be with him.     


“I’ll see you tomorrow love” Zayn says, and then he’s gone. 

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