Darkness -Zayn Malik- (+15)

What your freedom is taken from you, just because you want to safe the person you love?
What would it be like to live with vampires? That's some of the questions Nicole(Nicki) is going to answer.
(This is a vampire fanfic with Zayn. I got the Idea, when I saw Twilight, hope you like it).


3. Pleasure

“No!” I gasped.


I’m not a virgin anymore, thanks to the vampire’s short temper, and my desire to piss them off. But I’m not letting Zayn know that, he would just use it to his advantage.

Zayn just start to chuckle. I look at him confused.


“Are you a virgin love?” He asked, I knew he would ask. The king has a reputation that he isn’t into rape.


“Yes” I say, with confident, I was almost convinced myself.


Zayn’s eyes look all over my body before they go back to meet mine. A smile crosses his lips, and he roughly slams his lips to mine. I gasp surprised and Zayn don’t hesitate to slide his tongue in my mouth. A moan escapes my parted lips. I could Zayn smile into the kiss, while his tongue keeps exploring my mouth.


Finally he pulls away a little just to let me breath. I gasp for every breath and Zayn smile. He leans down to my ear.


“Let’s get this over with now shall we?” He demands more than a question. I shook my head no. I can see Zayn’s eyes darken a little, as king he’s probably not used to rejections.


Zayn look at me up and down once again. Then a dark smirk creeps on his face.


“Well, you are here to please me, and now where you’re a “virgin”- ” He stops and looks at my confused gaze. “Yes I know everything about you, but let’s pretend for today.” He gets off me, and makes me sit up on my knees. I look at him; I don’t get this conversation at all. He knew I was lying before, damn, but I don’t get it.

Zayn stand up, and I look up at him. He smirks down at me. He upon up his pants, take them off and throw them on the floor. His boxers follow.


Zayn looks satisfied when I gasp; I finally understand what he means. Zayn’s hand takes a hold at the back of my head, forcefully push my head toward his stone hard cock.


“Open.” Zayn say, not harsh or demanding, just like a guide. I don’t do anything. My eyes are shot closed. I’ve heard that the king was big, but not that big.


One of Zayn’s feet suddenly makes contact with my crotch. I gasp in pain and Zayn show himself in my mouth.         

I sigh, I know if I don’t do this now Zayn won’t hesitate to go all the way, and I’m so not gonna fuck the fucking king!


I start to suck, as best I can, he’s so damn big. I can hear Zayn’s small moans. Well that mean I do my job good.


“Harder” he moans.


I do as I’m told, I want to get this finished as fast as possible and he knows what he wants.


“Deeper” he moans.


I obey. Zayn’s head roll back and he moans at every thrust. Zayn’s hands disappear from the back of my head, and he caught hold of my wrists, and he places my hands on his balls.


I mentally puke. I start to massage his balls and he remove his hands from mine, and moan much louder than before.

Then some salty liquid fill my mouth and I want to spit it out, but Zayn can feel it.


“Swallow” he demand, his eyes still closed. I obey, and make a disgust face.


Zayn finally open his eyes, and look down at me. He’s eyes are nothing but darkness and lust.


“Good girl” then he goes off the bed, pick up his boxers and take them back on.

I look at him the whole time, disgusted by myself, he’s a fucking vampire. I hated every minute of it.


“Nicole” Zayn say, pull me out of my train of thought how to escape. I look at him and narrow my eyes.


“Nicki” I spat.


“Feisty now aren’t we?” He says, looking at me with eyes that could kill. I look at him.


“What do you want bloodsucker?” I spat. Zayn lift his eyebrows.


“Do you know who you are talking to?” Zayn say, anger fill his voice. I just look at him. In a second he’s by my side.

He pulls me of the bed and turns me around so I’m facing away from him. He starts to kiss down my neck.


“I could kill you in seconds” he whispered in my ear.


“Then do it” I spat.


“Where’s the fun in that?” He whisper.


“You’re just a fucking-”

He places his hands on my breasts, start to knead them. My head roll back on his shoulder, I can feel the anger and disgust start to boil in my body, but I can’t let it out. A moan fall from my lips, as he add some pressure.


“You were saying?” I can hear the smirk in Zayn’s voice. I can’t remember my thought are all about Zayn. I got to get out of here! He’s a lusty and dangerous.  

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