The Life

Two girls are going through the same thing. Being abused by their fathers. They decide to run off together. Can they make it on their own? Soon later the discover they're not on their own. Harry Styles and Liam Payne decide to take them in and see if they can turn their life around. To make them happier. Can they do it? Lets read and find out.
*Written for Jersey Thompson*
A/N : If anyone would like me to write a fan fiction with them please comment your name, one of the boys, and what you would like to happen. Then please be patient :)


2. Touching down in England.

After a long and stressful flight we finally landed in England. Jersey and I got off the plane and went through security. After security we went outside the airport and sat on a bench. There was a long silence but it was broken by Jersey saying "Okay Heather. were here now what?" I look at her and get up "lets find some where to shelter tonight, and then in the morning we can find some jobs." I say. She nodded.. We got up and started walking. So far we wasn't able to find a nice little place to settle down. It felt like we were walking for hours. Just then a flash of lightening shot across the sky and right at that moment we knew shit was about to get real. Moments later it started pouring the rain and we still had no shelter. We ran frantically trying to get out of the rain. Before we knew it we ran into a park where we saw a pavilion with picnic tables and decided to shelter here. We sat on the tables just watching as the storm blew the trees back and forth. "Jersey I'm sorry I got you into this, I should've planned this out before I brought you along. It was stupid of me. I'm sorry." I say while looking at the ground. "Heather look at me, I wouldn't have wanted you running off by yourself anyway. Your a hero, you saved us both from our abusive lives and brought us to England. They'll never find us here. We just got to stay strong and god will help us through this." she says grabbing my hand. I give her a weak smile while tears gather in my eyes. I should've planned this out, if anything happens to Jersey I wouldn't be able to live with myself. Shes my best friend.. And my only friend. Shes the only thing I got left. We were soaked from the down pour earlier and exhausted, but so exhausted we weren't able to sleep. We stayed up half of the night laughing and talking about life. That's what I loved most about Jersey, she was always making me smile even at the worse times. "Maybe we should get some sleep. we have a long day tomorrow." Jersey says while laying down on one of the picnic tables. And before we knew it we were fast asleep.

*the next morning*

We were woken up by a family trying to set up food around us. "Look mommy hobos!" a little kid screamed while pointing at us. "Listen you little shit, I'm not in the mood for your ass!" Jersey snapped back. "Jersey!" I said while laughing. "Some parents need to learn to control their kids and teach them manners. because the little bastard pissed me off!" She said as we were walking away. We walked for the longest time and finally made it into the city. "Hey Heather, you have your phone right?" Jersey asked. "Yes? Why?" I asked a bit confused. "Because I was going to say we could split up and search for jobs, then we could call each other when were finished." She responds. "Good idea.. I'll see you later." I said in the other direction. As I was walking I walked up to a bakery that had a sign in the window that said "Help wanted." This is it! I thought to myself walking in. I walked up to the service counter but there was no one there? So I rang the little bell they had sitting there. Just then a tall boy, about 6"2, with gorgeous green eyes and brown hair walked out.. "Hello love, sorry about that, but could I help you with anything?" he says .. I stood there staring into his beautiful green eyes not knowing what to say. I was speechless. "Are you okay?" He says smiling at me. "I-I'm fine. Thank you. I umm was wondering if you still had a job opening?" I say. He smiled at me and said "yes, actually I do." He handed me a job application to sign. "sign this a return it to me by the end of the day and I'll call you tomorrow and let you know if you got the job." He added still smiling at me. "Okay." I said smiling. I walked out of the bakery and seen that there was a star bucks next door. Even though I had no money I decided to walk in and take a seat to I could fill out my application.

Jerseys POV:

I hope Heathers having better luck finding a job, because I cant seem to find one anywhere! What if shes disappointed in me? I mean.. I would be too if I were her. I kept walking and accidently bumped into a guy and spilled his tea all over him. :Oh my god! I'm soooo sorry!" I yelled. I look up at the guy and he was looking down smiling at me. He had gorgeous brown eyes and brown hair that looked so soft and silky. "Its okay love, no worry." he said smiling. "Whats you name?" He added. "Uhh, Im Jersey Thompson.. And you?" I asked. "The names Liam Payne." He said looking into my eyes. I Just looked down and blushed. Why did that name sound so familiar? I thought to myself. "I haven't seen you around before. Where are you from dear?" he asked. "Well... I'm from America. I kinda sorta ran away with my best friend, Heather Thompson, And no were not related. Cool huh? But anyway were job hunting." I said with my face still towards the ground. "Why in the world would you two run off?! And why come here?!" He asked shocked. "Well her step dad beat her like everyday, and so did my real dad.. So we ran off together to escape it." I said still looking at the ground. Its weird how I just told a complete stranger my problems, But its like I could trust him . and his face looked so familiar. He cupped his hand on my face and made me look into his eyes. "Look at me Jersey, I know I don't know you all that well, but you are beautiful and no one deserves that. Not even your friend!" He says. "Thank you.. But that reminds me, I have to get back to job hunting." I say pulling away. He grabs my arm and says "call your friend and tell her to meet you here, I have an idea." he says smirking. I dial Heathers number and she answers:

Heather: Hello?

Me: Hey, where are you?

Heather: Star bucks.. I'm filling out a job application.

Me: I'm glad you found something. I have no luck. But I need you to meet me in front of the store called Jack Wills. As soon as possible!

Heather: Okay . Let me just go turn this in and I'll be there in a few.

Me: Okay. Bye.

*Call ends*

Heathers POV:

I finally finish my application and go back next door and hand it in to the boy with green eyes. "Hello love, I see your back." He says. I hand him the application and he takes it from my hand. "If you don't mind me asking, where are you going after this?" He looks at me smiling. "I honestly don't know.. but I have to meet up with my friend." I say looking down. He looks at me confused and says "What do you mean you don't know where your going next?" .. "Well me and her kinda ran away from home." I say quietly. "Why would you do that?" He said while gently grabbing ahold of my hand. I felt my heart beat a little faster.. I looked into his eyes, then said "because my step father beat me, and her real dad beat her, so we ran off together." .. "Oh my goodness! Well dear your safe now. And what's your name by the way?" He asks. "I'm Heather Thompson. What's yours?" I ask. He smiles at me and said "That's a lovely name, Heather, And I'm Harry Styles." .. I smile. Why did that name sound familiar? I thought to myself. "Shit" I mumble. "What?" He looks at me concerned. "I have to go. my friend Jersey wants me to meet her in front of some store called, Jack Wills? I have to leave as soon as possible." I say. "That's my favorite store! I know exactly where it is. I could help you get there! I'm coming with you.. its about time I clocked out of work anyway. Just let me lock up and we'll be on our way." He says while taking off his apron. He locked up then we were on our way. We finally arrive to the store and I see Jersey sitting with some boy. As soon as she seen me she got up and ran over to me. "Any luck?" She asks. "Well I turned in my application. now I have to wait." I respond. "When will you know?" She asks. "Should be tomorrow." I answer. "Who's that boy your with?" She asks. "His names Harry Styles. and whos that?" I say looking at the boy she was with earlier. "His names Liam Payne." She says. .. "It looks like they know each other? And is it just me or do they look and sound familiar?" I asked. "That's what I was thinking." She replies. Just then the boys came walking over. "Me and Harry have a plan, you two are going to stay in the flat that were living in. So you can live with us." Liam says. "No I don't think we could do that. I feel like were walking over top of you." Jersey says kindly. "It wasn't a question. It was a demand. You ARE coming to live with us." Liam says grabbing ahold of Jersey smiling. "As for you Miss. Heather." Harry says grabbing ahold of me. We agree and go to their flat. We arrive at their flat. "Have a seat." they say. Jersey and I take a seat on the nice leather couch while they sit on the love seat across from us. It was an awkward silence so I decided to speak up. "So boys, do you two know each other from some where?" I ask. They both laugh and look at each other.. "you don't know who we are?" Liam asks. "I'm afraid not.. Sorry?" I say a bit confused. "Were from the band One Direction." Harry says. Mine and Jerseys jaw drop! So that's where I've heard their name before! I'm so stupid! I thought to myself. "So then why are you working Harry?! Aren't you loaded?!" Jersey asks. "Long story, lets just say were taking a break for awhile." Harry responds. "And its getting late. That's enough questions for tonight. Lets get you two settled in. Jersey you can share a bed with Liam and Heather you can share a bed with me.. That's if you don't mind." Harry added. Me and Jersey smile. "No we don't mind." Jersey said. "Well common Jersey, lets go to bed love." Liam says grabbing Jerseys hand and showing her to the bedroom. I hope he doesn't take advantage of her I thought to myself. After awhile its just me and Harry watching TV in the living room. he looks at me and says "tired yet love?" .. "I'm exhausted." I say. "Why didn't you say so?" he says while picking me up bridal style and carrying me to the bedroom. He gives me one of his shirts to change into so I go to the bathroom, change, and come back. He's already laying in bed.. In only his boxers. I must say he looked pretty hot. "Don't be shy." He says smiling at me. I crawl in bed beside him and before I know it we fell asleep.


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