The Life

Two girls are going through the same thing. Being abused by their fathers. They decide to run off together. Can they make it on their own? Soon later the discover they're not on their own. Harry Styles and Liam Payne decide to take them in and see if they can turn their life around. To make them happier. Can they do it? Lets read and find out.
*Written for Jersey Thompson*
A/N : If anyone would like me to write a fan fiction with them please comment your name, one of the boys, and what you would like to happen. Then please be patient :)


1. The last straw.

It was a cold October night and I had no one I thought to myself walking down the street. I wish I didn't run away at that very moment but I was tired of beating beat by my step father. the only friend I had was a girl named Jersey. I couldn't go to her house because it would be to obvious, that would be the first place my step dad would check. I'm very exhausted and am not sure how much longer I can go on. I've been walking for hours and need to find a shelter. As I walk I find a bus house that I decide to take shelter in. I crawl upon the hard bench and lay there, not wanting to ever move. What did I ever do to deserve what he done to me. After mom died its like I'm living in pure Hell. I miss her so much. I need to get some rest and stop worrying so much, I finally got away and I'm safe now.. Hopefully.

*The next Morning*

I wake up sore and stiff from sleeping on the hard bench. I take my phone out of my pocket and look at the time, its 7:38AM .. The early the better I think to myself while rising up. I sit on the bench and think about where I'm going to go and how I'm going to get there. I mean no, I didn't expect running away to be easy but I thought that by running away my problems were solved. But I was terribly wrong. I noticed that I should've planned this out before I took off but its to late now, if I go back he'll beat the living day lights out of me and lock me in a room for god knows how long. I'm wasting time sitting here I thought to myself getting up. I walked for about an hour and I got a sharp pain in my stomach, I must be hungry, I need to find some food. But I had no money. I walked into a little market that an Indian guy owned. "Hello can I help you with anything?" I heard the guy ask. "No just looking." I respond while flashing him a quick smile. I make it to the candy isle and everything looked so good. This is so wrong but I'm so hungry I thought while slipping candy bars into my pockets. It wasn't a healthy breakfast but its going to have to do. I go to make and exit from the store. "Didn't find anything that satisfied you?" the little Indian man said with a little smile. "No sorry." I said nervously. "Okay come again" he says. I just shoot him a smile and walk out. I decided to sit beneath a tree outside the little store and eat my candy bars. After I finished I had an idea. Maybe I should sneak back up to my house and take some money. My step dad should be at work by now and he doesn't get home until around 5:30 PM. I take out my phone and look at the time, it was now 10:15 AM. I have plenty of time I thought to myself standing up wiping the dirty away from my pants. I make myself down to the highway and was lucky enough to flag down a taxi. "where to?" the driver asks. "171 West Main Street." I said. and off we go. we finally pulled up to my house. "Mind waiting for me? I'll be right back, I need another ride anyway." I say. "Sure thing." says the driver. I slowly walk up to the house praying that my step dad actually had work today. I peaked through the window and all the lights were off. Thank god! I thought to myself. The doors were locked and I couldn't get in. So I picked up a brick out of the garden and busted out the window and crawl through. I quickly started looking for money but wasn't able to find any. I tore the house upside down, but still, nothing. There's one place that I haven't checked, under my step dads bed. I slowly open his door and make my way to the bed. I get on my knees and start digging through his junk. Finally, I found some, It was atleast $1,000. I take it and run.

I got back into the Taxi and the driver says "Okay miss, where to now?" . "534 Sycamore Street please." We pulled up into the drive way and I ask the driver to wait again. I go and knock on the door. Jerseys mom answers "Hello Heather, how are you?" she says smiling. "I'm good. thanks. But is Jersey around?" I say. "Yes come in." she says smiling. "No thank you, I have to kind of hurry." I say pointing back to the taxi. "Oh I see." she says walking inside. "one moment please" she adds.  A few seconds later Jersey comes out "what's up?" she says. I told her everything that had happened and that I'm running off to England, I also asked if she wanted to come along. Jersey looked at me a few seconds and finally said "this is a lot of pressure to be putting on me last second. "Its now or never. I need to know." I say to her. While Jersey stood there I thought to myself why didn't she just come with me, Her dad beats her too, the only difference is its her real dad. she should just come with me and be happy. Then I was snapped back into reality by Jersey saying "Okay, Ill go." She looked through the window to make sure her dad wasn't watching then when the coast was clear we made a run for the taxi. I tell the driver to take us to the nearest airport. It was about an hours drive. We finally arrived, I pay the driver then me and Jersey make our way into the airport. We walk up to a service desk and I say "we need two tickets to England please." The clerk hands us our tickets and says "That will be $950." she says smiling. I hand her the money. Me and Jersey board the plane, find our seats, then sit down. Little did Jersey know that was the last of our money..

After flying about two and a half ours in pure silence I finally decide to break it by saying "Jersey, you know were broke now.. Right?" . "What are we going to do when we get there?! We have no money?!" she says.. "were going to have to live on the streets for awhile and work at any job we can get until we make enough money to rent an apartment" I say looking down. She stared at me awhile before saying "Okay Heather. I trust you know what your doing. I really do." .. About an half hour later we were so exhausted we fell asleep.

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