1D imagines

Im going to do some imagines and I want you guys to comment and tell me your name and a short description o you and f course which boy you want and what kind you want it to be...dirty sweet funny ect.


1. haley and niall

Haleys pov: I  walked up the stairs to my flat that I shared with niall and I was really upset  because hes been on tour for 5 months and he doesnt get back till next week....:(  as I walked in something just felt different so I took a look around the house when I saw someone with a mask and they had a gun! I screamed and reached for my phone when it was knocked out of my hand by the man and he dragged me to the kitche when I heard the dorr open it was niall!! He calked the police and took down the man. Then after that we hugged kissed and did a little more but that's a different story.

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