The Massive Curse At The Damn Night

The Story Is About One Direction ,, Science Fiction Story !!! I Hope You read it !!


1. Just Idea

1) You're So London!!
As the sun rise a new day comes along! People are going to their work. Suddenly, A Big Mafia Called "The Wanted" attacked the biggest bank In "NewYork", and that Mafia scares most of people, So Nobody tried to help the people in the bank. Bullets came out of the police guns!! People got Killed, Women and Children were screaming! People Needed Help. The place is full of sirens from the police cars. Cameras and reporters were there to transfer the event live! At a faraway street, far from all this problems and damages, there were two boys joking with each other, listening to music. They were going back home after a game they had. They are Called
Harry & Zayn, Harry is 16 & Zayn is 17, they are so handsome and attractive. Harry's Real Name Is Harold, but his mom has been calling him that since he was 7, he is tall. He has light colored skin. His hair is light brown curly. His eyes are green which sometimes switches into gray!! Zayn is also tall, he has a darker colored skin than Harry, but not too dark. He has dark black hair. He has Brown eyes.**************************
They've got home after 15 minutes of walking.
They entered the reception, Michael was Sitting on the Couch waiting for them.
Michael is 25 Years Old. He is brave, handsome and all people love him. He is tall. His hair is black. He has he has light beard on his chin. He wears Glasses. His skin is similar to Harry's. He has the Biggest Library around the area he lives!!************************
New Year's Eve is so important for Harry, Zayn & Michael, because in that day many years ago, they've met at a big green place on a dark blue lake. In front of Michael's small wooden house which he built to relax away from problems, when he feels fatigue!! In that day, he was going to have some fun and see the beauty of nature!! And he was sure that nobody "Except Him" goes there. It was so confusing to Michael, because he found them there!! But Michael told everybody that they are his relatives. Michael tried to know their families, but sadly they forget everything about themselves, they only remember little things about themselves. Michael thought that they've lost their memory and remember nothing!! And not being with their family was only harder for them. It resulted in mental suffering!! They lived their life in big mystery!! There were in big undisputed struggle, and searching for their families was up by about 20 private eyes who Michael Knows!! The two boys have perfect subjects which they gained by Michael. Like paper Heart, also Michael didn't care about the difference between their ages. Michael decided to travel with the boys on tour to entrain themselves. Coz the school -which they hate- has ended!! He told them, they discussed it until they agreed on going to London. Coz there is underground places there, which can transport you to many countries around Europe!! It will be so good for them to visit any country they like. Also Michael noticed that they have nice British accent! They might find their families in any of countries where they will travel!! So they'll travel till they find Their Families.*************
Michael went to finish the passports, and reservation
"Hello Mr., How can I help you?" the employee said"
"Please I wanna reserve three tickets to London" he replied, she asked "Which day Mr.?"
Michael said Excited "At new year's eve!!, exactly after one week."
The employee put the pen on the paper and moved it, she was searching for empty places. "Ooh, sorry Mr. sadly there is no empty places!" she said "Oh, What about second, third or fourth?!" 
The employee replied "Sadly all places are busy till the end of the month!" "Oops!!! How?! I'm really never lucky!!" Michael went back to talk to the boys, disappointed.
"Hey!! What did you do?!" Harry and Zayn asked excited. Michael replied and tried to hide his Sadness "There're no places or time, but it's okay!! We'll travel after about 2 months, no problem boys!!
They were shocked! They will go after about a month!!! They walk out of the place. They were thinking about their bad luck, about their dreams which did have never Came true. It was a very bad news!!

So readers, What do you expect will happen with these two 
handsome boys, and the brave man?!!


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