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Just comment on what you want for the setting and which guy you want and if you want it dirty,clean,romantic,funny,ect... and also give a discription of yourself (hair color,eye color,what your like,if your funny or not,ect.)

I might not be as good to write dirty images but ill do my best. And if you like them then please comment what you think and like and favorite also thanks


3. Romantic Harry for Amber

Amber's P.O.V


I was on my way to a One Direction signing and as I waiting in line,one of my favorite songs

from them came on,"Stole My Heart"[sorry I dont know what your fav song from them is so I just out that I hope you dont mind :)] I was singing along to it because I love to sing.

So I was nearing the front and totally forgot that I was singing until Harry was staring at me.



"Oh sorry I-I completely forgot I-I was even singing I got lost in the song." I said nervously.

But instead of him answering, he whispered something into Paul's ear, he nodded and when 

I got to the end, Paul came up to me and took me behind the wall that had their album cover on it

and told me to wait until the signing was over.As I waited, I started singing along to their songs

again. Big mistake. All the boys came running back, stopped, stared at me, and was silent.

"I-I'm so sor-sorry I just love your music and-" I was cut off by Harry speaking up first out of the 

boys. "Dont be, that was really good." "Thank you so much I always loved singing." I said a bit

more less shyly.



So later that day me and Harry were talking and walking around his flat showing me around.

"So Amber I was wondering if you may be wanna i dont know want to go out with me?" "I would

love to Harry,plus your my favorite out of the band." Right after I said that, a big,HUGE cheeky grin

popped on his face.



For our first date Harry took me out to dinner at a fancy resturaunt. After that he took me back to his place,but told me to wait outside because he had to clean up the mess that Louis made.



Harry's P.O.V


I had to make sure everything was in place and perfect. Man was she gonna love this.


Amber's P.O.V

Whats taking him so long? I thought to myself


Harry' P.O.V


As I was done checking I figured that she would just walk in so I went in the kitchen following the

rose petals,I got the table done and texted her: Okay you  can come iiiinnnn! :) x -H


Amber's P.O.V


I got a text from Harry saying that I could go in now and how he wrote it made me giggle a bit.

So I walked in and was amazed by the rose petals that was on the floor leading to the kitchen. "Harry?"


Harry's P.O.V


"Harry?" I heard Amber say, "In here" I said back to her and went back to the dinning room,"Do you

like it? Or do you like it?" I said judging on the exprecion showing on her face. "I love it!" she said

with excitement.





Amber's P.O.V


"That was the most romantic thing a guy has EVER done for me I still cannot believe you did that 

all for me Haz" "Really? Well I guess I was your first for everything then. And I mean EVERYTHING"

"Hay dont judge I was sixteen and waiting for that special someone and now I finally got him" "Aww Amber...your gonna...make me.....CRY!" "Hahaha wow I've never heard that from a guys since  my brother said it like oh yeah yesturday! Haha"


Noboby's P.O.V

And after 2 years of dating you guys really clicked



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