One Direction Images

Just comment on what you want for the setting and which guy you want and if you want it dirty,clean,romantic,funny,ect... and also give a discription of yourself (hair color,eye color,what your like,if your funny or not,ect.)

I might not be as good to write dirty images but ill do my best. And if you like them then please comment what you think and like and favorite also thanks


1. Cute Harry

 This is the first time im doing this please no hate :)




Izzy's P.O.V


I was on my way to my long term boyfriend Harry's flat. He had texted me to come over,

he said he had  surprize for me.

As I was about to knock on the door, I saw a note saying to meet him at the park

by this flat. So as im going I see rose petals now let me tell you that it's about 8pm. So it 

was kind of dark, then I see Harry standing by the tree we met at 2 years ago."Hay babe

you look nice tonight."Harry said,"Im in sweats, how do I look nice? Unlike you,you look 

handsome." I told him, he just chuckled."I ment you look good in sweats. Plus I haven't

seen you since like 3 months ago. You gotta give me credit" "Haha alright Mr.Styles

I give you credit, but what are we doing here?" "Well I thought we could have a picnic

before the boys come over." After he said that he moved over so i could see the 

beautiful picnic he set out. "Awwww Harry thats so sweet! But you didn't have to. I mean 

at least not for me" "Why not? I love you with all my heart. I wanted to make this night 

special, not only for me but for the love of my life." I started tearing up and that night was

a magical night.









Sorry if its short or not that good im new at this :) and please again no hate



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