Summer Love


4. Why?

Niall's POV

"Niall," she started, "I think I really like you.". I was disappointed. I thought she was going to say love. "Me too." I say. Anld then I see it, small very un noticeable scars on her wrists. I grab her wrist. "Why? Why would you do this to yourself?" I ask. She sighs and her eyes fill up with tears, "Uh, it was 3 years ago." she says. "But why?" He says. Then she stars crying. "My sister," she starts, "She was my best friend, and well cancer took her. She was only 11". She puts her head on my chest and I put my arms around her. "What was her name?" I ask. "Lily." She says pulling out a gold chain necklace that was under her shirt. It said Lily in cursive. "I'm- I'm so sorry." I say. 

Megan's POV

How did he see those. I got scar treament things and they looked like they were never there. "Oh my gosh." I say, "Piano class starts in 10 minutes.". I sniffle and peck his lips, grab my guitar and run to my lessons. I see Liam, he was the teacher. "Hi." he says. I give him a small wave. 

*After Class

I'm pretty sure I was the only girl in there who knew how to play piano. All the other ones were just googly eyeing Liam. Most of the guys were pretty good though. A guy named Jacob walks up to me. He was in my class. "Hi." he says. "Hi." I whisper in a shy way. "Your, like, really hot." He says. He was not that bright. "Thanks." I say walking away. He grabs my wrist. "Why leave so soon?" He asks. I wiggle my way out and run inside the piano room. I lock the door and tell Liam what happened. 

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