Summer Love


3. Sure!

Megan's POV

We are all laughing and all the sudden I get a text from Niall.


Hey I'm texting you this because I don't want Liam to feel like a third wheel. Would you like to go out with me sometime?



Of course!!



Meet me here tomorrow during free time. Bring your guitar too<3



K <3



*Next Day*

I put on my favorite tank top (It looks like the Jaws Movie cover) and my ripped up shorts. I grabbed my guitar and went to the dock and see Niall waiting with is guitar and a picnic basket. I smiled. He grabbed my hand and took me to the "beach" It was just like the beach excpet no salt water. He layed down the blanket and sat and patted the ground beside him. I sat down and put my head on his shoulder and I saw him blushing. I smiled and said, "What do ya got to eat???". "Sandwiches." he says. I nod and get out my guitar. He does the same and asks, "Do you know how to play Summer Love?" I nod and start the song, he joins in. We sing the songs staring into eachothers eyes. After we sing the song we smash our lips together. "Niall," I start, "I know we just met but I think I-" "Love you" He finishes my sentence.


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