Summer Love


2. Sneaking Out

Megan's POV

I ran to my cabin and grabbed my guitar. I sprinted to my guitar class. Niall was the teacher. This would be interesting.

*After Class*

All flipping class i heard, Omg Niall I love you. Niall will you  marry me. Oh my gosh. That was so annoying. Niall caught up to me. "Hey, Meg, that's your new nickname. Here is my number." He says. I blushed because he gave me a nickname. I grabed the piece of paper he gave me. "Bye." he said. I walked towards my cabin and waved. I next texted Niall.



Hey it's "Meg"



Hey! You just could not wait to teext me. :)



Oh yeah! I just could not wait! :P



 We should sneak out tonight and go to the lake.



What? No!






Fine! I'll text you once the girls in my cabin are asleep. :l



YAY! I'll see you at diner!



I sat on my bunk and I hear Collins say to me, "Why are you so quiet Megan??". I shrug. She grunts. "TIME FOR DDDDIIINNNEEEERR." Our camp counciler says.

*After Diner*

It was around midnight. We had to have lights out by 10. I texted Niall and said I think everyone in our cabin is asleep. He texted me back ok and said Liam will be coming with him. I sneak out of my cabin. I run down to the dock and wait. After a minute i see two boys coming towards me. I see Nialls face and Liams. I run and jump onto Niall and hug him. "Woah, it's only been like a couple hours." Niall says chuckleing. I giggle. "Hi, i'm Liam." Liam says. "I'm Megan." I say shyer.

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