Summer Love


1. Going to Camp

Megan's POV

My eyes flutter open. Today was the day I finally get to go to my summer camp I've wanted to go to for years. It was a music camp. I'm a singer and I can play guitar and piano. Plus this year a special guest was coming. All we know is it is really famous and it is guys. I pack my bags and tell my parents bye. I get in my car and drive for 4 HOURS. Oh well it's worth it. I pull into the camp. I can't help but smile. There were people everywhere. We are right on the lake. I sat on the dock with my feet in the water. "If everyone could please come to the stage we would like to annonce our special guest this year! Then we will give you your cabin number." A man said on a announcer. I grabed my bags and my guitar case and ran to the stage. After around ten minutes five boys, around 20, went onto the stage and said helllo. 4 were british and 1 was irish. I relised it was One Direction! I loved there music but I was not in love with them. They sang a song I've heard. It was called Kiss You. I clapped. Once the song was over they walked off the stage. We got our cabin numbers. I was cabin 23. I was with Collins, Alexis, and Maria. I did not really talk to them. I just sat on my top bunk and wrote a new song in my book until dinner.

*Next Day*

For the first 2 hours of the day is free time, most girls are doing there makeup and hair, not me. I walked to the piano room. I got out my music. I had They Don't Know About Us by One Direction. I played every note perfect and sang. When I got to about the chorus i heard "Your amazing!" I hear a fimiliar irish voice say from behind me. I turned around quickley and blushed. "Thanks." I say quitely. I was really shy. "Don't be shy." He said reaching out his hand, "I'm Niall." He finishes. "Megan." I say. "Do you play anything else?" Niall asks. "Guitar." I say "What do you play?" I ask "Guitar also. Mabye we could play together sometime. But in the meantime why not go down to the lake." He replies. I nod and we leave the room. "There he is!" a girl shouts. about 5 other girls with her start chasing us. I giggle. He grabs my hand and we run around the side of th building and go inbetween the bushes and the wall he covers my mouth with his hand so I can't laugh. We hear the girls run past so we run to the dock."Do you have your swimsuit on?" He asks randomly.We swim here too. "Uh, Yeah?" I say. "Good." he says and playfully pushes me in.

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