New Beginnings (Sequel to Something Borrowed,Something Used)

Ashlee had dated Zayn before her ex-boyfriend killed him. Now shes with harry. Its all moving so fast.Kind of like her relationship with Zayn. She attempts suicide but harry comes home just in time. Right after she passes out harry bursts through the door and finds her. Can she handle the pressure of being with harry so quickly after zayn passes away? Can she handle the fact that harry found her dying and saved her?Will she ever be happy with harry?Will she try to repay him for saving her?


3. new start

It's been about 3 months since zayn died and now Zach was in prison and wouldn't be out for a very long time. I had a doctors appointment today and Liam went with me. I'm closer to the boys now than ever before.


The doctor brought me and liam into a room and then left. I wasn't feeling so good.I got up and ran over to the garbage can and let everything spill out of me. I walked back over to liam and sat down next to him.Just then the doctor walked in.I excused myself to the bathroom while liam told the doctor what happened. I walked back in and the doctor made liam leave. He started asking me questions.

"Have you had mood swings?"

" No"

"eating differently?"


"Is there any chance you might be pregnant?"

"no no way at all."The doctor went out in the hall and let liam in. liam walked over and sat down next to me and held my hand.The doctor came back about twenty minutes later and forced me to get an ultra sound.We got into the room and i lay down on the table. liam sat down beside me still holding my hand. The lady put this cold gel on my stomach. She put some device that allowed them to see into my stomach on my belly and moved it around.Then i heard a heart beat. then i looked up on the screen and saw something that i know for damn sure was not in there before.

"Well ma'me congratulations."

" What do you mean?"

"You are three months pregnant."

"oh my fucking god. but wait, LIAM. THIS IS ZAYN'S KID.i wasn't with harry 3 months ago. it must have happened right before the accident." We left the hospital and got in the car. 

"So wait, this is Zayn's kid?"

"Yeah, that day that everything happened Zayn and i had sex. We got caught up in the moment and didn't have a condom but we didn't think i would get pregnant. And it was way to early so when Zach attacked us the baby didn't die. Oh my god." We got back to liams flat and the rest of the guys were there. 

"So what did they say?" Harry said.

"Um i'm pregnant with zayns kid. I'm three months pregnant. I got pregnant that day everything happened." They all got up and hugged me and congraduleted me.I went up to liams room and put on one of his shirts and started to fall asleep. As i was laying there harry walked in. I flipped over so i was looking at the ceiling. Harry lay down next to me and lay his hand on my belly.

" So.. There's a baby in there?"

" Yeah. Harry look im really sorry about everything. it was just going way to fast." I leaned over and kissed harry.

"So what does this mean for us?"

"It means that if your willing to help me raise this baby then your my boyfriend?"

"Yes." Harry kissed me again and pulled the blanket over us.he stripped off his clothes so he was only in his boxers and then slid his hand under my shirt so his hand was resting on my belly again. He leaned down and placed a kiss on my stomach and then we fell asleep.




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