New Beginnings (Sequel to Something Borrowed,Something Used)

Ashlee had dated Zayn before her ex-boyfriend killed him. Now shes with harry. Its all moving so fast.Kind of like her relationship with Zayn. She attempts suicide but harry comes home just in time. Right after she passes out harry bursts through the door and finds her. Can she handle the pressure of being with harry so quickly after zayn passes away? Can she handle the fact that harry found her dying and saved her?Will she ever be happy with harry?Will she try to repay him for saving her?


4. Harry???

I woke up the next morning alone.I dont know where harry went but it was kind of depressing waking up alone. I got up and felt lightheaded and ran to the bathroom as i started throwing up.I hated being pregnant. And i had only just found out the day before. I remembered everything that happened with me and harry.I remembered that he was in a gang.A gang. god how did i get myself in this.I honestly wondered if i should have gotten back with harry. My thinking was interrupted by more vomit coming up. After I was done i cleaned up my mouth and lay back down in bed.As i lay there i wondered where harry was. I wondered if he was back with the gang.The front door opened pulling from me from my thoughts again.It was harry.


"Yeah, Harry?"

" I quit the gang."

"YOU DID?????"

"Yeah.. thats kinds why i got this black eye." Harry said walking in the bedroom.

"Harry babe are you okay?"

" Yeah im fine... I got it for you." Harry and i lay around and did nothing all day. At around 7:30 we went over to liams house. We wound up spending the night there. the next day harry and i took liam and dani to breakfast. we shopped the whole day and tried to find things that fit.



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