New Beginnings (Sequel to Something Borrowed,Something Used)

Ashlee had dated Zayn before her ex-boyfriend killed him. Now shes with harry. Its all moving so fast.Kind of like her relationship with Zayn. She attempts suicide but harry comes home just in time. Right after she passes out harry bursts through the door and finds her. Can she handle the pressure of being with harry so quickly after zayn passes away? Can she handle the fact that harry found her dying and saved her?Will she ever be happy with harry?Will she try to repay him for saving her?


2. Free. Or at least i thought i was

I was finally released and i went back to my flat. Niall came over and helped me out. He stayed for about two weeks to help me out. One night while sitting in bed niall turned to me.


"Yah ni?"

"You remember that day you went over to Zayn's mum's flat?"

"Ya what about it?"

"You remember how she was crying?"

"Ya. Niall just get on with it."

"Well Zayn was going to propose on your guys' 8 month anniversary."

"Oh my god. I'm going to fucking kill Zach." Niall got up and walked over to the closet and opened it up. He opened one of the drawers in the shelf and grabbed a small blue velvet box.He walked back over to me and handed me the box.I opened it up and found a ring.It was beautiful.It had a single diamond in it. I slid it on my finger and then flipped over and cried. I didnt care that niall was there. I was screaming and crying.Niall tried to comfort me but wound up getting punched. I finally stopped and fell asleep. niall crawled in the bed and fell asleep next to me.







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