New Beginnings (Sequel to Something Borrowed,Something Used)

Ashlee had dated Zayn before her ex-boyfriend killed him. Now shes with harry. Its all moving so fast.Kind of like her relationship with Zayn. She attempts suicide but harry comes home just in time. Right after she passes out harry bursts through the door and finds her. Can she handle the pressure of being with harry so quickly after zayn passes away? Can she handle the fact that harry found her dying and saved her?Will she ever be happy with harry?Will she try to repay him for saving her?


5. Due Date

~6 months later~ ~3 am~ 

" Harry!" I screamed loudly. Harry kind of just mumbled and rolled over. I punched harry and he woke up startled."HARRY MY FUCKING WATER BROKE!" Harry jumped out of bed and grabbed the bags. He helped me to the car. We got in and sped off to the hospital.I sat in the hospital bed for 6 hours before I had him. He was a spitting image of the man i loved. The man i loved and lost. I named him Zayn Javadd Malik Jr.. A few days later i was allowed to leave. None of the boys were allowed to visit me in the hospital. So when i arrived home all of the boys were there. Harry grabbed me as soon as i walked in the door then immediately bent down to pick up Zayn. He looked up at me through his curls and asked what his name was. As i told them they all looked at me with sadness in their eyes. 

"He's beautiful, Ash." Everyone gathered around us to get a good look at him. After everyone got a turn to hold him i fed him, changed him and then put him to sleep. I walked back out to everyone and sat down slow. 6 hours and it was a natural birth. No drugs or anything. I was in pain. Everyone kinda just sat there until Niall spoke up.

"So ash, why did you decide to name him Zayn.. I mean like instead of something else?"

"Because I love him like i love Zayn and Zayn deserves to be honored and i didnt wanna have to choose a name and not know how Zayn would feel about it." After that it was really quiet and i rested my head on harry and started to fall asleep.








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