Secret agent men

This is both a one direction fanfic and a Cody Simpson fanfic. Fallow the story of 1D and Cody when two fans are taken by their rivals. ( yes I know1D and BTR get along. It's just a story.) what will happen? How will the fans act to being saved?


1. the asignment

"Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Cody! I need you six to report to headquarters ASAP!" Simon orders the six young adults. The six adelesents race to their private jet. Once on the jet to Ireland where headquarters is located. the boys start to talk about their agent names, when Louis pulls out a plastic pigeon.

"What is that?", Cody ask, "Is that a bird?"

"No," Liam says starting off the sentence

"it's a pigeon," Niall continues

"and his name is-" Harry starts to say

"KEVIN!!!!" Louis finished whith a smile.

 Cody looks at Louis strange because the 21 year old is stroking the plastic bird. the boys all changeinto their super fly agent suit. Of corse Louis refuses to change out of his stripped shirt.

All the other boys then wanted to change out of their suits. They all changed into jeans, and were ready to fight crime!

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