Near To You

For the 'Inspired by a Song' Competition. Out of the seven songs, I chose 'Near To You' by A Fine Frenzy. A short story. Alison Sudol is a drug addict. Well, not your usual addict. Her drug is purely lust. Not love. Though she thinks it is. She will eventually find the cure to her addiction. Or will she?


4. Something Different


21st August 2017

I have something different with Adam.  Im still recovering from Rhyder. So is Adam. Turns out that he put a tracking device on my phone. So he drove to mine and Adams apartment. This was a couple of months ago. He banged on our door and demanded to know who my mystery boyfriend was. He saw Adam soon enough. He didn't look at him very much. Just punched him in the jaw. Adam retaliated by kicking him right in the place it hurts most. Rhyder turned towards me and  landed a punch in my stomach. Adam punched Rhyder. A lot. Adam was left with a light green mark on his jaw. Rhyder left (he crawled out) with a puffy face, a black eye and bleeding lip. I had a large, purplish bruise just over my bottom right rib.  I was happy enough. It was guaranteed that Rhyder would never bother me again! Im still recovering from losing my love for him. How can I still love him? After he attacked me and my boyfriend? The answer is.. It isn't love, its lust. Not for him, but for what used to be. Im actually on holiday now, with Adam. We're in Miami. We're considering moving out here. To be honest, its not that far from home. Forks isn't that far away. 



1st July 2018

Adam proposed on the fifteenth of June and we got married today. Rhyders apparently married now. To a Stripper. Life turned out better for me than for him didn't it?


Im happy.

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