Near To You

For the 'Inspired by a Song' Competition. Out of the seven songs, I chose 'Near To You' by A Fine Frenzy. A short story. Alison Sudol is a drug addict. Well, not your usual addict. Her drug is purely lust. Not love. Though she thinks it is. She will eventually find the cure to her addiction. Or will she?


3. So Long



22nd January 2014


Two long months since i split with He Who I Refuse To Name. He keeps texting me. 

Saying he wants me back. Never again. Its tempting but my family wont let me trail back to him and boy am I happy they're here! You see.. I met this guy. He's a year older than me and his names Adam. He's brilliant. I feel so right around him. We've been dating a couple weeks now.  I have another date tonight with him! Oh god, Rhyder just text me again!


Rhyder:     What you doing 2 nit babe?



Alison:     Nothing that concerns you.



Rhyder:     Babe, Im your husband, everything in your life concerns me.



Alison:     Your not my husband. And Im going on a date actually.



Rhyder:     WHAT?!?!



Alison:     Yup.



Rhyder:     YOU CHEATING LITTLE ***T!!



Alison:     Bye Rhyder. Don't bother ever contacting me. Or my boyfriend will have something 

(me)         to say to you.



Yup. Thats how our conversation went. 


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