Another World

What happens when Scarlett is moved all the way around the world where her and her mum can start a new life, away from everything? She has to start a new life. New school, new friends, new home. What happens when she tries to run away? Will she ever return? Also what happens when she's in the spot light?

I know it sounds bad but I couldn't think... Please read, like and favourite? Xxxx


7. Chapter 7.

Scarlett's P.O.V ~

I arrive at Jamie's house and go in with the key he gave me. I walk into the living room and see his little sister Jenna sat on the sofa watching her Hannah Montana movie. "Hi Jenna!" I say sitting down next to her on the sofa. She turns to see me and shoves another carrot stick in her mouth.


"Hi!" She says after she's swallowed the carrot. 


"What you watching?" 


"Hannah Montana the movie! I love this film because I love Miley! She's my favourite celebrity." She says with loads of enthusiasm. I laugh because she's so full of energy. 


"Is your mum in the kitchen?" She nods and focuses her attention on her movie and carrot sticks. I get up and walk through into the kitchen. I spot Maria sitting down at the table with a bunch of papers and a cup of tea. "You okay Maria?" I bend down and kiss her on her cheeks and hug her from her side. 


"I'm fine darling. How are you?" She's asks as I sit down and look at her. 


"Not really. I'm leaving for quite a long time." I say as I tear comes to my eye.


"You'll be back soon enough. It's not like you're going forever. I doubt you're not going far." She says and smiles at me. I look down and burst into tears. I can't look her in the eyes and say I'm leaving her son. "Oh sweetie! What's wrong?" 


"I'm leaving and I'm moving to America.." I say and look up. I'm met with a tear stained faced Maria. 


"I wasn't expected that. I mean.. How long are you going for? A month? Two? Six? A year?" 


"That's the thing. I don't know. I might be going forever with a few occasional visits." I say and look down. I hurt Maria get out of her chair and walk to my side. She embraces me in a hug and I hug her back but tighter. Not wanting to let go. I hear so keys in the door. I spring up and check the mirror which is on the window sill above the sink. "Please don't tell him I've been crying." 


"It's fine. I promise." I hug her again and go out into the grand hallway and meet him. 


"Hey!" I say and kiss him on the lips. He turns it into a passionate one and we're making out in his hallway. "Why were you so long?" 


"That would be telling..." He says with a smirk on his face. I pull a frowning face and then run up the stairs to his room. I pounce on his super king memory foam. I get under the covers and feel the bed sink a moment later and then the sheets rise. I feel a big pair of strong arms wrap around me and pull me closer. I turn around and I'm faced with Jamie's honey eyes, staring into mine. "I love you Scar." 


"I love you too." I kiss him on the lips and then our tongues find each other. I hold the sides of his head and he plants his hands on my hips. He hovers over me and then the rest is a secret..

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