Another World

What happens when Scarlett is moved all the way around the world where her and her mum can start a new life, away from everything? She has to start a new life. New school, new friends, new home. What happens when she tries to run away? Will she ever return? Also what happens when she's in the spot light?

I know it sounds bad but I couldn't think... Please read, like and favourite? Xxxx


5. Chapter 5.

Scarlett's P.O.V ~

People start filing in from classes and I see Alice, Amy, Brad(Amy's boyfriend), Callum(Alice's boyfriend/my cousin), Carly, Cam, Joe, Jack and Jamie. Me and Jamie are the most popular in the school. I have my group: Alice; Amy; Carly. Jamie has his group: Cam; Joe; Jack. Other people just float in the middle. They all walk to our corner table. Jamie comes and sits next to me, Amy on my right, Callum in front of me, Alice next to him, Brad opposite Amy and then Cam, Joe and Jack just float around. 


"Hey!" I chirp to everyone. 


"Hey.." I get a chorus of those back. 


"Come on guys, it's our last day and I want it to be filled with happy memories!" I take out my phone and ask Callum to take a picture of me, Jamie and Amy. He snaps it and then I take a picture of him, Alice and Brad. I then take a picture of Cam, Joe and Jack all pulling faces and being stupid. I get up and ask Mr. Jones if he'll take a picture of all of us together. He agrees, so we all get into position. He takes a couple and then hands me my phone back. I look at the pictures and then upload them to Instagram, Facebook and twitter. I don't really like being popular on social sites because everyone follows you and likes all your photos. I refresh my Instagram and I've already got 23 likes. Crazy. 


I turn back to my friends and smile. Even though its my last day, I'm going to make it count. I get up with loads of energy and all my friends look at me weirdly. "Come on! It's our last day of being year 11's! We're going to have some fun..." I run out of the canteen and down the corridor, past the library and staff room and toilets. I head down the maths corridor and go into the first teachers classroom that I don't like. Mrs Smith. I pick up a board marker and write in big letters, 'CLASS OF 2012. BTW, YOU'RE A RUBBISH TEACHER! I'LL COME BACK AND VISIT.' That feels so good to write it. Let all the anger out that has built inside me. 


I walk out of the classroom and I see my friends looking for me. "There you are!" Cal shouts. I let out a big breath and breathe in. I then dart up the stairs to history. I go into Mr Black's classroom. I pick up a board marker again and write the same words. My friends come in as soon as I've finished. They all laugh and then dart out. I jog out and then run to English. I walk into Mrs Grice's classroom and check if she's not in. She's not. I walk in and write the same. My friends join in with decorating it and we all tumble out of the classroom. We run down to science and go into Mr Long's classroom and write the same. We dart down to technology and go into Ms Chad's room. This time I write, 'THANK YOU FOR NOTHING. IM NO BETTER AT ART." I don't like that teacher and she taught me nothing. 


"How can we not get caught?!" Jamie says and laughs at the same time. I kiss him on the cheek and smile. We walk back to the canteen table and sit down. I laugh at what we've just done. And to say I've got Mr Long next. I just picked up a pen from the draw. I think I picked up a permanent marker.. What will happen?


"Guys... I think we've just used permanent marker on Mr Long's board.." I say shyly.


"It's our last day. What can they do?" Brad asks. I shrug my shoulders and smile. 


Today is long and hilarious.



School chapters finish next chapter!! Annabelle xxx

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