Another World

What happens when Scarlett is moved all the way around the world where her and her mum can start a new life, away from everything? She has to start a new life. New school, new friends, new home. What happens when she tries to run away? Will she ever return? Also what happens when she's in the spot light?

I know it sounds bad but I couldn't think... Please read, like and favourite? Xxxx


4. Chapter 4.

Scarlett's P.O.V ~

"I'll see you at lunch then?" I ask him as I turn away. 


"See you at lunch." He says with a smile. I turn the corner just as someone comes out the room for him. 


I walk down the long corridor and then take a right into the canteen. I walk over to our usually seats in the corner and sit down. I can't believe it is my last day. My last form, my last English lesson, my last technology lesson, my last lunch sitting here. Why? Why? Why? It's not fair. Why me? Why do I have to be the one who leaves their friends? I burst into tears and cross my arms on the table and place my head in my arms. I mean, it's so unfair. I should be happy but it means I leave Jamie, Alice, Amy and all my other friends and family. It has taken me a year to be the most popular in the school and when I move, I'll be a nobody. I lost soul, looking for friends. I've been the most popular in the school since year 8. Now I'm year 11. My mum is really mean. Making me move all around the world. Making me, make new friends. I don't want new friends. I want the same friends.


I feel movement next to me, so I lift my head. I wipe my eyes and look to see who it is. The person who has always been there for me when I needed someone the most, Ms.Waterworth. She smiles at me and I burst out crying again. She hugs me and I hug her back. 


"What's wrong?" 


"I'm moving to America and I don't want to leave my friends and Jamie." I say between tears. 


"You're leaving? Who am I going to get to be captain for the rounders team?" I laugh. 


"I don't know. Who am I going to come to for advice? You've been here for me ever since I met you. I don't want to leave. I wish I could be adopted by someone so I don't have to go and leave my friends and family." I say, looking down. 


"I know. Don't wish that on yourself. You'll have a fantastic time and I bet your house is going to be massive!" She says smiling.


"It is. It's too big." I say, reminding myself of the pictures on the Internet.


"You can't have a house that is too big! How big?" 


"13 en-suite bedrooms with walk in wardrobes, 2 bathrooms, 3 living rooms, 2 games rooms, a private cinema, a grand dining room, an open kitchen, an Olympic size swimming pool, a jacuzzi, fully equipped gym, 2 tennis courts and 100 acres and anything I would like to put in.. That's too big." I finish.


"Remind me to add you on Facebook so I can come over for the holidays!" She jokes. We both laugh.


"Happy to have you!" I say and smile.


"Well I've got to be going. I'll see you at prom!" She says jogging out of the door and over to P.E. I feel sad that she thinks I'll see her at prom. I'll be in LA by then...

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