Another World

What happens when Scarlett is moved all the way around the world where her and her mum can start a new life, away from everything? She has to start a new life. New school, new friends, new home. What happens when she tries to run away? Will she ever return? Also what happens when she's in the spot light?

I know it sounds bad but I couldn't think... Please read, like and favourite? Xxxx


1. Chapter 1.

Scarlett's P.O.V ~ 

Do you know how it feels when your mum and dad split up and your mum moves you all the way around the world? Do you? It's sad. I've been brought up in Australia and now my alcoholic mum is moving me to America so she can get away from my dad and everything that has happened. She doesn't care how I feel, she just cares about herself. She doesn't understand me and I bet if you ask her when my birthday was, she wouldn't be able to answer. She wishes I wasn't alive because apparently, I was a mistake. That's so nice to hear from your own mother. I don't have a choice about it because I'm not 18 yet. 


Sorry, I don't think I've introduced myself. I'm Scarlett Jones. I'm 16 and Australian. I love to sing and dance but mostly singing. I want to be a singer and go on tours and stuff like that. I just love it with a passion. So I: sing, dance, ski, play cricket, play rounders and play football. I'm okay at running and very healthy. I love my dad to the moon and back. He tried to make me stay but my mum won. Now I'm being uprooted and re-rooted in America. We're moving to Los Angelese so it will be ok. But as I say, I have to live with my mum who is an alcoholic and doesn't care about me. 


Right now, I need to continue packing for my horrible new life in America with my waste-of-space mum... 


i hope you liked the first chapter.... If you didn't please comment suggestions. Please like, favourite and comment. Sorry it's really short! I'm really tired:( Annabelle xxxxx

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