Another love.

Silence got into our heads.


5. You can take it all.

Alright, it´s a new day. Birds are singing, sky is blue, everything seems normal. Except nothing´s normal. Yesterday was a disaster, me and Niall are done. He broke my heart and tried to be a good friend to me. Such a bullshit. He was never a good idea. It´s Saturday morning, I am lying in my bed, trying to forget about Friday. It was a mistake, he is a mistake, from now on, I won´t waste my thoughts on him, he doesn´t deserve them, me. Suddenly my phone beeped. It´s a text from Claire:

“Where the fuck did you disappeared last night? It was your party, Ava! I hope, I woke you up.”

Oh, thank you Claire for such warm words, no, I mean, I get she is upset I left earlier, I didn´t even tell her I am leaving, she has every right to be angry with me.

“Sorry Claire, I needed to leave, I couldn´t bare Niall being with that girl, I am so sorry I didn´t tell you where or why am I going, I just left the house with Harry.”

As soon as I pressed the button “send” I realised, I told her I was with Harry. Shit. She has never told me about him, which means she shouldn´t be angry with me or something. She replied,

“Alright, I am not angry I just wanted to be with you last night. Oh, so you were with Styles? Good for you Ava, I need to go to work now, text you later?”

Shit. “Good for you Ava”. She is angry, I can tell, but she has Louis now, not like I want Harry or something, his dark curly hair and cute dimples are fine, hot actually, but I don´t have any deeper feelings for him, Harry is just a friend. I should tell Claire about all of it. About yesterday. But right now I need a shower.

“Sure, I need to talk to you, can we meet at the cafe then? I´ll be there at eight. Hope to see you there. Xx”

I typed to my phone and went to the bathroom.

The shower was great, I smell like oranges, it reminds me I want some orange juice, Laura has left earlier today, they have some graduation party in the restaurant, so it will be late when she gets home. On my way to see my beloved friend, fridge, I realised there is no orange juice left. I am so determined to drink some, so there´s no problem for me to put my jeans and hoodie on, I´ll go to nearest corner shop, Frank should have juices. I put my hair in a messy bun and headed to the shop. Me and George, wind in our hair, on our way for a juice. How poetic. I left George outside the shop when I saw that girl. Niall´s girl. Blond, tall, slutty, it should be her. She is sitting in a huge car, which is definitely not Niall´s. Wait, she is not alone, there is some guy with her. She puts her hair beside her ear and bites her lip. What the fuck is she doing? Oh no, oh no. She is touching his face when suddenly, they are kissing. It´s definitely not her brother for God sake. As I am watching her, the guy suddenly stopped kissing her and looked at me, he whispered something into her ear and pulled her off. Fuck. He saw me. She saw me. No, no, what did I messed into? The orange juice is no longer important to me. In order to deal with what I just saw, I turned around and went inside the shop. How could she cheated on him? On Niall? He is perfect, Jeez Ava, stop. I need to tell him, I need to tell him right now. I have an orange juice in my hand, ready to pay for it when someone´s hand woke me up from my thoughts.

“Hey!” its her, that blond whore. “I need to talk to you”, she said.

“Oh, Hi, well, I am in a shop right now, can we please talk later?”, oh no, she wants to talk to me about what just happened.

“No, we need to talk right now”, her touch is getting tougher, urgent.

“Hey Frank, here, take the money, I need to go now, is that alright?” I shouted at Frank and he nodded. I took the juice and we both left the shop. I came to George in order to unlock him when she started.

“What do you think you´re doing, honey?” she said in a very rude tone.

“What do you think I am doing? Unlocking my bike”, I said back.

“You saw nothing girl, are we clear?” she looked around and nervously touched her hair.

“I saw what I saw, and if you excuse me, I need to go..” I put the juice in a basket when she touched me again.

“You don´t want to see me angry, you won´t tell Niall nothing alright? He don´t like you sweetie and he never will, don´t try to steal him from me, you won´t succeed”.

“No, I don´t want to see you angry, I don´t want to see you at all, and don´t threaten me, you won´t succeed, sweetie”, I ironically said back, sat on my bike, and left her stand outside the shop.

When I get home, I shut the door behind me, sip my juice and sat on a couch. I need to tell Niall. I need to. He deserves to know. I am grabbing my phone and calling Niall. In a halfway to do that I realised that we are angry with each other, but I don´t care.

“Ava? Is that you? I am so sorry for yesterday, I didn´t mean to be rude, please...”,he started but I cut him off.

“It´s alright Niall, I need to talk you, like right now, can we please meet?”.

“Sure, I´ll be here in a minute Ava, good to hear from you by the way, bye”. He said to my phone and ended the phone call. God, I´ve almost forgot how good friend he can be.

I decided to make pasta for lunch when I heard the doorbell. “Hey, Ava, good to see you, I want to apologise for everything I was being a complete jerk, can we please be friends again?” he said outside the door and didn´t let me to say something.

“Come inside, I need to tell you something”, I sat him on a couch. He is sitting here, like a golden retriever, all eyes and puppy look. Alright Ava, focus. How should I said it? Should I be gentle about it, even if I hate that arrogant bitch? So I said the first thing what came up in my head. “ She is cheating on you Niall”, I simply pulled it off.  His face isn´t so soft and nice anymore, I can see pouting his lips, his cheeks all red, good, he is angry at her.

“What did you just say?” his eyes are frowned.

“I saw her today, she was with some guy in a car, I am so sorry Niall...”. He stand up and touched his blond hair.

“That´s unbelievable, you´re unbelievable Ava! I thought you want to talk, not to talk bullshit”.

What the hell is he talking about. “What do you mean? You think I made this up?” alright I think I am just as angry as he is, I am sure I am the most angry person in this house.

“ I should know you better Ava, talking shit about her doesn´t make me want...”I cut him off.

“Finish that sentence, please”. He is quiet. “I said, finish the sentence”.

“You, doesn´t make me want you..., God Ava! I should leave, it was a mistake to go here, we are a mistake” he grabbed his phone from the table.

I can´t believe it, him. Why does he think I am laying? I am not! I saw her! Great, I am crying now.

“Yeah, it was a mistake to tell you the truth. And her? You two are a great couple, stick to her” I said and slammed the door in front of him. This can´t be truth. He is such a dick, God! How can he even think I am laying! He hurt me again but I won´t be hurt this time, he just showed me that he is no better than his girlfriend.That cheating whore was right though, I won´t steal him from her, never.

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