Another love.

Silence got into our heads.


2. Like I wish you would.

Dear Ava,

It´s been a long time since we knew each other, you´ve been here for me all the time, you helped me in many ways, you taught me how to live my life properly, you showed me the way I should think. I want you to be loved by someone who deserves you, who will cherish you and praise you like you deserve. You´re more than you think, you´re more than everybody else think...

 Since it´s your birthday, I want to wish you all good things people wish to someone on their birthday. Not sure what those things are, so I´ve decided to give you 3 wishes. When you wish for something, it´s my duty to make it happen, whatever it is. I hope its a good gift J

You are my best friend, Ava.

With love


I am holding that letter in my hands, trying to process those things he wrote.

You are my best friend, Ava.

This sentence is cursed. I should be happy, shouldn´t I. Surprisingly I am not. I don´t want to be his best friend. Those other words about me being loved and so on, those hurt the most. Cool, I am crying more and more. Why did I even let him to get so close to me, why haven´t I been more careful? I am making all the same mistakes again and again. He wanted to make me happy with this letter, but he did the opposite. What am I supposed to do with three wishes? I wish just for one thing and he won´t ever give it to me.

It´s about 7 pm, I am out of shower, I am sitting on a couch and watching telly. For God sake its my birthday and I am watching The Wheel Of Fortune. What a fun. As soon as I move my butt out of couch in order to get some chicken in the fridge, someone knocked on door. It´s either Mike, our neighbour , he must have forgot his keys again, or its Ed Sheeran wishing me all the best for my bday. The other option isn´t not that possible, I suppose. “Hola!!!” Hannah shouted outside the door, with her hands up in the air, waiting for me to give her a hug. “Hello, stranger...” I hugged her, trying to hide my not so smiley face. “Come in!” I said and showed her the way to our hall. “Sweetie, it´s about 7 pm and you´re in your PJ already. A bit weird don´t you think?” she asked and sit on the couch. “Well, I have no plans for tonight, it seems like nobody has, so..”, I sip my juice. “Who said we have no plans? Come on, get dressed, we are going out tonight”, she put her red lipstick on and pouted her full lips. She looks like a goddess, long dark curly hair, black hat, black ankle boots and blue dress. She is in TOPSHOP´s guest list so why even bother? “I don´t feel like going anywhere Han, really, I just...”, she cut me off “For God sake Ava, I said get dressed, why are you still here?”, she shouted at me and sip my juice. “Alright Jeez,...” I went upstairs to get some clean clothes and make my self human again. I put my red skirt, white shirt and jacket on, got some mascara and a lipstick which Claire bought me in London. I went downstairs grabbed my keys and stood in front of Hannah. “Cool!” she looked at me from up to bottom and made me turn around, just so she could saw the clothes I am wearing. “You´re ready, I am ready, we should go then!” she took her car keys and we went outside.

When Hannah stopped her car, we both got outside. We are at Zayn´s. Of course. She didn´t mention my birthday the whole day, which means we are going to get drunk with some really expensive Vodka, which bought Zayn´s rich dad in Dubai. I like Zayn, he is just great for Hannah. Sometimes he´s a bit strange, but I love him most of the time. “It´s chilly outside, lets go in.” As soon as she said it, she knocked on the door.

“Hey...” said Zayn totally bored. “Come in..” he pointed his finger inside. It was dark in here, I could barely see my boots.”Where´s everyone?” I said disappointed, cool no fun tonight, when: SUPRISEEE! Everyone showed up, Hannah put the light on and I could see Claire with Louis, Stella, Maurine, Harry, Niall and that blond girl. I am shocked, partly from that secret party and partly because he is here with Her. She looks gorgeous. Really. Fuck! Alright Ava, get your shit together and be casual. “W-why, I mean, thank you guys, I didn´t hope you would do something like this, no one talked to me today about my birthday, except Niall and Laura, but still, thank you so much, you made my day” my speech was short but effective, I want to get drunk as soon as possible, I don´t think I can survive this evening sober.

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