Another love.

Silence got into our heads.


6. Let it burn.

Its about eight o´clock. I am trying not to think about how pathetic Niall is. I am so sad because he can´t actually see what is true and what´s not. That blond whore has totally messed with his head, he can´t see straight anymore. I need to tell Claire, I need to tell her. I am putting my mascara on and getting ready for tonight. Me and Claire are about to meet up in this very lovely cafe down town.


“So, how are you Ava?”said Claire and sat up on a comfy sofa.

“I am going to kill him”, I didn´t even said who, but Claire knows what I am talking about.

“What has he done this time?”, she made her self comfortable and waved at Jane, the waitress, to bring her a hot chocolate.

“Let´s just say, he is a massive dick with stupid girlfriend who is cheating on him, but she really does love him, at least he thinks so, oh Claire, I am so sick of it, I am officially over him, If I ever tell you I want him, give me a slap, okay?”, I looked at Claire and took a sip of my coffee.

“What? Oh my God, he is such a moron, I don´t understand him, at all. I am really sorry Av, he is so naive. You bet I´ll slap you, that´s what are friends for, right?”, Claire laughed loudly and looked at her Rolex.

“I am I distracting you from something?”, I noticed her looking.

“No, not at all, I am just about to meet up with Louis, things aren´t so bright between us lately”.

“Trouble in paradise?” I commented ironically. I think Harry´ll be interested.

“Kind of, it´s just, there are a few things you don´t know, neither does Louis..” she paused and continued, “Remember few months ago? When we broke up for a month or so? Me and Harry kind of hooked up a bit, Louis has no idea, I´ve never told him”, she gently went through her hair, I can tell she is nervous.

“I tried to act normal when we got back together, I was being good at it, but as the days went by, I´ve started to wonder if things are how they are suppose to be, me and Louis aren´t the same anymore, we both changed, and I just don´t know if I still love him”, Claire put her head in her hands and stayed quiet.

“I knew about you and Haz”, “And Louis?, darling, I had no idea you´re feeling like this, If I knew you´re so hurt I would tell you sooner, I am really sorry I didn´t tell you I knew it but I promised Harry not to and...”, I didn´t even finished when Claire cut me off.

“ Wait, what exactly Harry told you?” her eyes sparkled when I mentioned his name.

“Well, a few things, he is a very generous and lovely person, no wonder you hooked up with him”.

“Yes, he really is...Me and him, we really got something you know? He wasn´t just a hook up for me, he is still not”, she murmured and looked at me. She likes him! I can tell by her eyes when I pronounce his name, which complicates things even more.

“So, If I get it right, you´re in love with Harry but he and Louis, your current boyfriend, are best friends.” I smiled.

“It´s not funny Ava! I don´t know what to do..”, suddenly her phone beeped.

“It´s him! It´s Louis, I need to talk to him, I need to...never mind, you know what Ava? Thanks for tonight, for this, I´ve missed you Ava”, she grabbed her hand bag and put her scarf on.

“Wait, what are you going to do? Will you tell him?” I asked.

“I don´t know what I am going to do, but I am sure this has to end”, she left a few pounds for her chocolate and disappeared at the doors.

Okay so it´s just me and, well, nobody, I am sitting here all alone, what a day. I paid for the coffee and headed outside for some fresh air. As I am walking through the streets, an evil thought occurred me, cigarettes. I´ve haven’t smoked for a while, but desperate times called for desperate measures, besides, one cigarette is not going to kill me. I bought a pack of cigarettes just around the corner,  I holding one in my hand, my phone beeped. It´s Harry, he wants to see me, that´s funny because I need to see him as well, I typed him the address. Cool, I have some time to find the lighter and smoke it before Harry shows up. Shit! Where is it? Oh! Got it, I am about to burn my cigarette when a curly boy stops me.

“Since when do you smoke?” he laughed.

“What? No, nothing...” I awkwardly hide the lighter and put the cigarette into my pocket.

“I have some news Av!” he screams and makes happy weird noises.

“Me too, I was with Claire tonight, she told me about you two, and that´s not it, she is about to break up with Louis, okay, I am not sure if “break up” are the right words, but she...”

“Wait, what did you just say?” he cut me off and he is staring at me with amazement in his eyes.

“I think she still likes you Harry..”, I said a bit sad because, it means I am the only lonely looser here, again.

“For God sake, I can´t, okay, Ava, when did she left? Where is she now? Ava! Talk to me!” he is so happy right now, he is trying to sort things out in his head and forgets to breath.

“Calm down Curly! She left me an hour ago, she was about to meet up with Louis..”, I am smiling how cute he is right now.

“I need to call her, I need to see her, Ava, I need to go..”, he kissed my cheek and added, “Don´t smoke it, please!”, he finished the last word and ran away.

“Waaait! You´ve wanted to tell me something! Harry!!” I shouted at him, but he was already gone.

“Fuck it”, I said and withdraw the cigarette out of my pocket.

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