Another love.

Silence got into our heads.


1. Intro.


The day when my mum decided to move out from Jack´s house, everything has changed. The fact that he was cheating on her for more then ten months is horrible. I knew he was a jerk just from the beginning, but still. When she got divorced with my dad, I thought that my life will never be the same, but surprisingly it is. But that´s my history. I am living mum in Manchester now. We´ve been living here for more then 3 years. I love it here, I hope we won´t move out so soon, I hope my mum won´t find anybody who will destroy her life again, cause Laura is really easy to get heart-broken. I guess me too.


Today it´s my birthday. It´s 10th June. When I got downstairs my mum was wearing a party head, she looked ridiculous. “Surprise!” she shouted at me. She took my hand and gave me a strong hug. “ Love you Ava, I hope you´ll have a great day”, she whispered to my ear and handled me a fork. “What´s that for?” I asked, when I realised there is a huge chocolate cake on the kitchen counter. “Mum, its 9 am, a bit soon for a cake don´t you think?” I shook my head while laughing. “It´s 9. 15 am, and no it´s not soon, you´re 20 now, you can eat a cake whenever you want to.” She said while putting her phone and pouder into her bag. “Sweetie, I should get going, or Steve will mess up another meal..” she kissed my cheek and disappeared in the door. Mum works in a restaurant, she is a chef, I love her cooking, the food is just delicious. Alright so now I am al by myself. On my birthday. Nobody called me, it´s seems like nobody really care, I hope Claire and Hannah are throwing me some huge birthday party. Zayn, Hannah´s boyfriend has this huge house outside the town, maybe, but just maybe, she is there trying to make it all work. Alright, enough, my silly thought are getting deeper into my head, like always, and we don´t want that, do we?

Today is no school. I did all my exams last month which means no stress. Suddenly my phone beeped. It was a text from Niall.

 “Happy birthday Ava! Come to park in 10 minutes, I will be waiting.”

That was it, me and Niall are friends for 2 years, he is great, alright more than great. I think I like him more than just friends but he doesn´t feel the same way. He said that me and him would never work, we are too similar to be together. It broke my heart, I mean my heart is still heartbroken but what can I do. I grabbed my black jacket and left the house. My bike was leaning the wall. I love my bike, I call him George, cause it´s green and lovely, I don´t know any green and lovely George though. I took George and we both headed to the park.

“Surprise!” Niall shouted at me, while sitting on our favourite bench. He was wearing the same hat as mum. I don´t get it, what´s so special about those hats? “Hi.” I said blushing. “Hey!”, he said and hugged me. “So, how do you feel? You´re old!” he joked and sit on that bench. “Stop it, you´re not too young either”, I said back and went through my brown hair. “You´re right.. Oh, I would forgot, this is for you!” he handed me an envelope. “What´s that? I don´t need you to giving me something..”I blushed again. “I didn´t need to, but I did. Please open it when you get home, it´s important, alright?” he grinned and his blond hair flew in the wind. “A-alright, thank you”, I put the envelope into my bag and hugged him. Suddenly I felt a rain drop on my nose. “Shit, it seems like it´s going to rain..” said Niall with a strange tone, like he had some plans for today. “Yeah, don´t you want to come to my place? Laura made a delicious cake, I thought we should get some...”, I smiled. “Oh, I would love to, it´s just I´ve some thing.., ehm, I think I should go..” suddenly he sounded weird. Maybe Claire or Hannah called him to get some help with my secret party. I am so thrilled. “That´s fine, I need to go to restaurant anyway, mum needs a fresh fruit, I need to buy some, see you later?” I said trying to cover my lies. “Sure, bye Ava!” he kissed my cheek and left me sitting on that wet bench alone. It´s ok, I am used to it.

Me and George went to see mum, the rain was really strong, I could barely see the road. I locked George on the street when I looked into Pauline´s, it´s a coffee shop, my mum´s friend Pauline owns it. I saw Niall, sitting on a chair with a hot chocolate in his hand. Well this was his plan, hot chocolate, all by himself? I started to take pity on him when some girl appeared in front of him. When he saw her, his eyes sparkled, he hugged her and then kissed her. She put her hands on his shoulders and then started to play with his blond hair.


I didn´t want it to see that. He has a girlfriend, he wasn´t helping girls with the party, cause there is no party, there never was. I am just a stupid freak. Fuck! I am all wet, the rain is all over me, my boots are no longer waterproof. Neither my make up. I look terrible, standing beside George, trying to process, accept. I took my bike and went home. I am crying all the way home, trying to ride as fast as I can, I don´t think I can runway though.

I unlocked the door, put the wet clothes off. I took my shirt and lied on my bed. I can´t believe it. I can´t believe anything. Why he didn´t pick me? I mean I know he wants to be friends but I don´t think I can do it anymore. It´s my birthday, nobody noticed it, except Niall and mum. My phone was ringing but I couldn´t find it. I took my bag on the bed and saw that blue envelope which Niall gave me. I am not sure I want to know what it is. I wiped my tears out and grabbed it. It was all wet, I opened it, there was a letter. 

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