Another love.

Silence got into our heads.


3. Curly help.

Everyone is having a great time but I think Claire saw my face. She knows something is not right. She came to me, “Av? Are you ok? You seem a bit weird, is something wrong?” she asked me and handed me a shot of vodka. “Well, no, it´s not,...”I said and looked at Niall and that blond whore. “It´s about him again? I said you like a million times, forget him when he´s forgetting you! I love Niall, but sometimes he just acts like an idiot!” while talking Claire handed me another shot. “He has a girlfriend Claire, I don´t think I can do this...”she cut me off, “God, Ava! I know its hard but forget it, its your night, have some fun, we take care about that bitch later, alright?”, said Claire and gave me a hug. I love Claire, she is just an amazing person, she has blond hair falling on her shoulders, blue eyes, she is just stunning, she and Louis are such a great couple. “Hey Ava, happy birthday sweetie” Louis´s face appeared in front of mine and he hugged Claire from behind. “Thank you Lou, cheers!” I raised my glass and drunk about three or four shots of vodka in thirty seconds. “Wohoo, someone is about to get wasted!” Louis screamed and took a bottle of vine. “Cheers!” he raised that bottle and took a sip. He and Claire laughed out loud, then she whispered him something into his ear and they both laughed again. “Ehm, I have to go, see you in a minute Ava, alright?” Louis looked at his phone, I am not sure what else he said, cause my drunk brain wasn´t paying any extra attention. “You know what? I need to pee, can u wait here till I come back? You seem a bit drunk already, I don´t want you to do anything stupid, and when I say stupid, I mean Niall, alright?” she said while going through her golden hair. “Sure, Jeez, I am not ten Claire, go, just go!” I laughed and sit on Zayn´s big leather sofa. I am sitting on that couch or whatever, my head is spinning, I feel dizzy, but not that much, Niall and that girl are making me so much sick. Suddenly someone approached me, “Hey, ehm, I am Harry, Louis´s friend, nice to meet you” that boy sat right next to me. “Hi, I am Ava, nice to meet you Harry”, I said and looked at Niall again. “I guess he sent me here, to talk to you, he said I should get to know you and stuff, he thinks you need a company”, he turned his head and looked at me. He is looking, well, descent, I think more than that, he looks really cute, brown curly hair, dimples, yeah he is alright. “What a dickhead, I told her and Claire that I don´t need anybody else..., forget it, sorry, I am glad you´re making me a company”, I grabbed a bottle of water and play with it´s etiquette. “Yeah, Claire and Louis think they are matchmakers, I don´t want to be the one telling them they suck in it”, he joked and I laughed cause they really did want me to know someone at this party in order to forget about Niall. “You´re so right, Claire is just a pain in the ass, she thinks that things are simple, but they´re not..”, I looked at my feet and then looked at Niall at the bar. “What´s wrong?” he asked me with the kindest voice tone ever. “Look, I am a bit drunk, which means I am supposed to tell you all my secrets and desires, that´s what drunk people usually do, are you ready to hear those things?”, “Yeah, I mean how bad it can be?” he laughed out loud. “Bad, enough!” I sipped that water and told that curly boy my boring story.

....”Alright, I get it, and the boy you´re talking about, is he in this room?” Harry looked around the room. “Yes.” I nodded. “Does he have dark or blond hair?”, “Blond”. “Alright,, is that boy Niall???” he asked so loudly I was so afraid someone could hear him. “Shhhh!” I shut him up. “Niall Horan is that boy?” he said a bit quietly, than the first time. “Yes, I told him how I felt, and he just told me, that we should stay friends, it should be better for us..., alright I think I am getting sober, I need something to drink, you want something too?” I stood up from that couch and pointed my finger at the bar. “Sure!” he agreed and we both headed to the kitchen. I was walking while talking to Harry, I turned myself to him, so I couldn´t see what or who is behind me, I assumed nobody was on my way. I was wrong, suddenly I hit someone with my back. “S-Sorry...” as soon as I spelled the first letter I realised, it´s Niall who I am talking to. “It´s alright Ava, how is party going?” he started, “Oh, Harry! Hey mate!”, Niall hugged Harry and I was just standing there really awkwardly. “It´s going great, ehm, me and Harry were just talking, ehm and we are going to get some fresh air you know..., right Harry?”I came up with the stupidest lie. To be honest, I want Niall to get a little jealous, not sure if he understands what I am trying to do but, I can try! Harry is just standing beside me, speechless, he is smiling, not sure what to say. “Right Harry??” I repeated.  “Yeah, Ava feels dizzy, I thought it would be a great idea to go outside, make sure she´ll be okay, you know...” as soon as he finished his sentence, I felt his hand reaching mine. Good, he is not even cute, he is also clever!. “See you later buddy!” Harry raised his left hand and waved at Niall. Me and Harry, holding hands, are leaving the house. “Thank you!” I whispered quietly into Harry´s ear, “You´re welcome Ava!” he whispered back and smiled at me.


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