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5. Prompt 4

Prompt: BooBearGirl16- "How about they've been dating for five years now. And Eleanor wants to be engaged, so she took the lead and proposed to Lou(;"



    Eleanor sighed as she hung the phone up placing it beside her. She leaned back against her pillow as thoughts ran through her head. She just got off the phone with Perrie who was telling Eleanor about how her and Zayn celebrated their anniversary. Eleanor noticed something different between Zayn and Perrie now that they were married. They looked at each other and communicated in a new, magical way. "How is it like to be married?" Eleanor had asked. "It's an indescribable new feeling!" Perrie told her.

          She never showed it, but Eleanor's heart broke every time Perrie described how it was to be married. Sure, she was happy for her, but she wanted to know how it felt. She wanted to know the 'indescribable feeling' to know you've found your life partner. "It's been five years Louis..'' she whispered to herself. Did Louis not want to get married? Was she not good enough? Did Louis never want to get serious with their relationship? Was they're relationship just for a time being? Everyday she woke up with hope that Louis would pop the question, but every night she fell asleep with the disappointment that it never happened. She's waiting years for Louis to get on his knee, bring a small box out, and have four little words to leave his lips. Maybe it was about time she gave up. But then again, it could be Louis waiting for her to pop the question.

        Eleanor was interrupted from her thoughts as her phone rang. She felt herself blush as she saw who was calling. "Hey babe!" Louis' voice chimed through the phone. "Hey Louis, how are you?" she asked. "Great! I'm almost home, so get ready for that date of ours we planned for tonight,'' Louis said. "Alright,'' Eleanor replied. "Cant wait babe, I love you!" Louis answered. Eleanor returned the same three words as she hung up.

       That's when the best idea hit her. As she got ready, she played different scenarios of how she was going to do it. Once she was ready, she looked at her reflection in the full body length mirror. Her hair was down in their natural curls and she was wearing a new black dress Louis had helped her pick out. She smiled at herself again as she planned out how tonight was going to go.


     "What are you thinking about babe?" she jumped as Louis surprised her from behind, gently pulling her into a hug. "Louis you scared me!" she said turning around to meet his blue-green eyes. "Sorry El, not my fault you didn't hear me come in,'' Louis laughed. "Oh shush,'' Eleanor gently hit his arm as they headed towards the car.


    "The sky looks so pretty tonight,'' Eleanor said as her and Louis had they're backs against a tree, looking up at the sky. "Sure does, but you look beautiful,'' Louis complimented glancing over at Eleanor. Eleanor couldn't help but let a smile run across her face. Eleanor rested her head on Louis shoulder as she thought about how she was going to do it. They've been at the park for two hours yet she still hasn't gathered the courage to ask him.  "Maybe I'll just wait till another time to ask. No. We both know you'll say that the next time too, and the next, and the next,'' Eleanor went on not noticing she was talking aloud. "And the next and the next,'' Louis continued for her laughing. Eleanor faced her attention to Louis. "You heard that?" she asked nervously. "Yeah. So, what's this all about babe?" Louis asked. Eleanor looked down and nervously bit on her lip. "What do you have to ask me?" Louis asked.

  ''Its now or never,'' Eleanor thought to herself. She got up, holding her hand out to Louis to grab onto. Louis got up and connected his fingers with Eleanor's. Without saying  a word, Eleanor led Louis to the middle of a gazebo that was nearby. She looked around taking in all of her surroundings. To the left she saw the moonlight beautifully reflecting off the lake and all around them were lit candles. She felt Louis' finger come up to her chin gently making her face him. "Yes babe?" Louis asked, the curiosity filling him. Eleanor let out a deep sigh as she knew that now was the time. "Tonight's the night Louis,'' she started. "For?" Louis questioned. "Tonight's the night I want you to know exactly how much I love you,'' Eleanor continued. "I'm not exactly sure how to do this but..'' she went on, getting down on her knee and keeping her eyes locked on Louis'. "Louis, will you marry me?" she asked nervously.

  She watched as the brightest smile grew on Louis' face. Louis bought Eleanor up from her knee and kissed her passionately. Louis broke from the kiss as his eyes got watery along with Eleanor's. "Yes, I will marry you,'' he smiled as brighter than ever. Eleanor felt her heart flutter as it skipped a million heart beats. "I love you Eleanor, and I'm so grateful I'm going to be having a beautiful wife like you,'' Louis added as he leaned down to kiss her again. As they kissed Eleanor experienced the 'indescribable feeling.' All she ever wanted, finally happened.




Author's Note


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Here's the dress Eleanor wore-http://d2tq98mqfjyz2l.cloudfront.net/image_cache/1352311894382129.jpg


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