Elounor Prompts (Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder)

Comment any Elounor prompt and I'll do it. I dont do anything mature content though, sorry!

Example: "Can you write one where Eleanor feels insecure about herself and Louis makes her feel better?"

And then I'll do it.
So comment away, you can do it as many times as you want. :)


3. Prompt 2

Prompt: Tvd1Dlover- "Um, one where Louis proposes to Eleanor?"


  The sunlight beamed through the curtains awaking Eleanor up. She rolled over to her side to only see that Louis wasnt there. He probably already woke up. As she got out of bed she glanced over at a calendar on their bedroom wall. Every month it had a different picture of Louis and Eleanor together. She skimmed through to see what today's date was. Today was Eleanor and Louis' second year anniversary. Eleanor smiled to herself as she quickly got washed and tied her hair up in a meant to be messy bun. She walked downstairs to the living room only to find Louis laying on the couch asleep. At least, she thought he was asleep. She strolled over to the coffee table close to the couch Louis was on to straighten up some things. As she did, she gasped as she felt Louis pull her back into a big hug. "Louis you scared me!" she laughed. "Aw, Im sorry babe. Happy second year anniversary,'' he smiled kissing her on the cheek. "You two Lou. What would you like for breakfast?" Eleanor asked getting up. Louis gently grabbed her hand and set her back down beside him. "We're going out this morning,'' he smiled. ''Sounds good to me,'' she replied.


 Once they were ready they got in the car. Today was the day Louis was going to do it. He was a nervous wreck. What if Eleanor wasnt ready for this? What if she didnt want to? Because Louis was lost in his thoughts the car ride was fairly quiet. Eleanor broke the awkward silence by turning on the radio. "And I'll look after you,'' The Fray sung on the radio. A smile stretched across both of their faces. "This is our song!" Eleanor cheered looking over to Louis. Louis sang 'Look After You' just right before he asked her out. "You know it babe,'' Louis smiled catching a glance at Eleanor. "Eyes on the road mister,'' Eleanor joked. Louis laughed as they pulled into a parking lot.


 As they were waiting for their check, Eleanor had to use the restroom. "I'll be right back,'' she smiled getting out of her seat. After a few minutes she returned back to the now empty table. She looked around to see if Louis had gone somewhere but she couldnt find him. Tears threatened to escape her eyes. Did Louis really just ditch her? He couldnt have could he? She looked outside the restuarant's window and didnt see him or his car anywhere. She was completely heartbroken. Holding back her tears, she dialed Danielle's number to pick her up. "El, why does it sound like you're crying?" Dani asked into the phone. ''Just pick me up please, I'll explain on the way home,'' Eleanor sighed. ''I'll be right there in a few minutes. Go outside and wait for me,'' Dani lied already knowing Louis' plan. Eleanor hung up walking outside. As soon as she did, Louis' car drove up to right in fount of her. On the car's window three words, 'I love you' were writtin with spray paint. Louis walked out of the car in a tuxedo and walked up to Eleanor looking deeply into her eyes. "I love you Eleanor, happy 2 year anniversary,'' he smiled. Before Eleanor could reply, he kneeled down on his knee and bought out a small black box opening it to reveal a diamond ring. "Will you make me the happiest guy on earth and marry me please?" Louis smiled crossing his fingers behind his back. Eleanor's heart felt like it was about to beat out of her chest. "Yes!" she cheered as she wrapped her arms around Louis' neck. "I love you,'' Louis whispered into her ear. "I love you too Louis,'' she smiled. Louis slid the ring on her finger. "Now and forever,'' he smiled while both of their eyes got watery with happy tears.


Author's Note hope you liked it

Please anyone continue giving me prompts so I have something to write about. :)

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