Save Me, Romeo

For the 'inspired by a song' competition.

I do not want to write a description of the story because it would then be too obvious what the song is. If you have read/are reading this story, thank you for taking the time, is all I can say.

I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoy writing it, and maybe, you could listen to the song if you have worked it out which one it is?

Thank you, again, and wish me luck for the competition! :)


6. Tears on the staircase

"Juliet..." Father warns me, eyeing me closely.

"You need to stop being so naïve. He-'Romeo' is not good for you. You cannot possibly be stupid enough to fall in love with him. I won't allow you to. I will not give you permission to love him. You will find a better man. A man that I see fit for you to marry, to fall in love with." he says, pronouncing Romeo's name as if it were a disease.

"No, Father, I am not a child anymore," I shout.

"I am free woman. And I can fall in love with anyone I want. And if you only gave Romeo a chance to prove himself to you, then you will find that he is a trustworthy man. I am happy, with Romeo.

"No more, Juliet. Take him away." Father says, signalling for the guards to throw Romeo out, and I have no choice. Guards hold me back and Father leads us back inside.

"He will be thrown out. From now on, you will be closely guarded. You are not to step out of this house." his words are empty, and he has no expression.

"You cannot do this, Father." I whisper. There are no more tears to cry.

Father says nothing, instead turns around and leaves me on the staircase. I fall down, my dress flailing around me, and my hands cup my face as I sob for the love Romeo and I deserve so badly.

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