Save Me, Romeo

For the 'inspired by a song' competition.

I do not want to write a description of the story because it would then be too obvious what the song is. If you have read/are reading this story, thank you for taking the time, is all I can say.

I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoy writing it, and maybe, you could listen to the song if you have worked it out which one it is?

Thank you, again, and wish me luck for the competition! :)


3. Romeo

I take a deep breath and walk into the ballroom, accompanied by Georgiana and Katherine.

I enter the ballroom and the party atmosphere greets me immediately. I know that the ball has begun. 

There is music, dancing, and as I walk through the crowds settled on the floor, I see a boy walk past them towards me.   He bows and holds out his hand.

"Would you care for a dance with me, my Lady?" he asks me politely, beckoning me forward with his hand.

I do not know what to say. A request already! But after thinking about the request, I decide to decline his offer.

"Thank you, but I am not much for dancing." I reply, apologetically.

He looks disappointed, but nods in approval, bows, and retreats gracefully, back through the crowds where he came from.   I sigh, and turn to Georgiana and Katherine, who are standing next to me, and dismiss them silently. They nod and bob a small curtsey each before they rush out of the doors of the ballroom, leaving me alone.

Looking around the room, I see no more people trying to reach me, and so decide to have some time alone out on the balcony, in the summer night air.

I walk across the ballroom, smiling and nodding to people whom I recognise and finally reach the balcony, where I step into and rest my arms, leaning against the barriers.  Behind me, I hear the music, and as I turn around from the summer air outside to the ballroom, I see the lights, see the party, the ball gowns, and a boy.

He is tall, with short dark brown curly hair, wearing a black suit, with a white tie, making his way through the crowds to greet me.

As he advances, his appearance becomes clearer. He has hazelnut brown eyes, and perfect structures.

"Hello." he says, smiling at me greatly.

"Hello." I reply, returning his warm gaze.

"I am Montague. Romeo Montague. Would you care for a dance?" Romeo asks me, holding out his hand, ready to lead me to the ball.

"Juliet Capulet." I say, taking his outstretched hand, which closes, locking my fingers inside his warm palm.

What I said before? That I was not much for dancing? Maybe I was, but only for him.

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