Save Me, Romeo

For the 'inspired by a song' competition.

I do not want to write a description of the story because it would then be too obvious what the song is. If you have read/are reading this story, thank you for taking the time, is all I can say.

I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoy writing it, and maybe, you could listen to the song if you have worked it out which one it is?

Thank you, again, and wish me luck for the competition! :)


5. Love in the garden

Whilst lying in bed, I wonder how Romeo feels about me, when I hear faint tapping  on the window. I creep to the balcony and push back the curtains and open the door, meeting the hot summer night air.

Looking down, I see Romeo looking up with a handful of pebbles in his hand. It seems so sweet that he was throwing pebbles up to me to get my attention.

He smiles up to me, and whispers: "Do not forget. I will see you at the garden at 10 o'clock!" he reminds me. I smile and nod enthusiastically.

I will not, I promise, Romeo." I whisper back down.   And with that, the conversation is over, and he walks into the night, leaving me on the balcony, still smiling.


It is 9 o'clock and I sit down on a bench, by the water fountain to wait for Romeo.

I hear rustling, then he is by my side.

"Juliet. You kept your promise. Tell me, why do you look so down?" he asks gently, sitting gracefully by me, looking at me cautiously with soft brown eyes.

"Romeo, my Father will not let me see you." I whisper, tears welling up in my eyes.


"I meet you in secret but we're dead if he knew." I say, looking into his eyes.

"This is a big risk, Juliet." Romeo says, leaning in and holding me close to him, my head resting on his shoulder.

"Just say yes Romeo, we can be together." I beg.

"No, Juliet. You are a scarlet letter. Our love is forbidden. I cannot love you, and you cannot love me." Romeo says, shaking his head.

"I can love you, Romeo, and I will." I say, adamant.

"It is growing late, Juliet. I must leave before your Father sees me. But I will be back soon. Tomorrow night? 10 o'clock?" Romeo asks me, holding my hand and standing up.

"Yes, Romeo, but please, do not leave yet. " I beg, my eyes growing wide and cautious.

He kisses my hand, but walks into the dead of the night, leaving me waiting.


The next night, I am sitting on the same bench as the night before, after facing an argument with Father, considering the situation between Romeo and I. Father had once again lectured me about Romeo, staying away from him, and told me firmly that he would not allow me to love him.

I am still replaying the scene to myself, when Romeo appears by my side, and pulls me towards him.

"Oh, Romeo, save me, Father is telling me how to feel. Our love is difficult, but it's real." I say, into his shoulder.

"Don't be afraid Juliet, we'll sort out this mess, soon." he says, hugging me warmly.

"Close your eyes, Romeo, what do you see? Imagine if we could be alone somewhere, we could run away, with no-one here to stop us, to guard me." I dream.

"No, Juliet, no more running." Romeo says, pulling back and inspecting me closely.

"There he is!" a guard yelled.

"No! My Father's guards have seen you, run Romeo." I panic, trying to get Romeo to leave, but a guard grabs Romeo before he could go.

Father appears behind him, and I realize that this is the time to say something.

"Father, no, please. I love Romeo, let him go. Is it so wrong for me to love him? please, let him prove to you that he is good enough for me, please!" I scream at him, tears rolling down my cheeks, but Father turns a blind eye.

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