Save Me, Romeo

For the 'inspired by a song' competition.

I do not want to write a description of the story because it would then be too obvious what the song is. If you have read/are reading this story, thank you for taking the time, is all I can say.

I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoy writing it, and maybe, you could listen to the song if you have worked it out which one it is?

Thank you, again, and wish me luck for the competition! :)


2. Dress And Tiara

I am once again woken up early in the morning, but this time to the voices of my maids, Katherine and Georgiana, trying to wake me up.

"Miss Capulet? It is time to wake. We need to help you prepare for the ball! Your Father will here soon to deliver a gown which is to be worn." Georgiana says to me, gently shaking me awake.

My eyes flicker and flutter open to the blinding lights of the risen sun. The bright rays of sunlight creep past the drawn curtains and shower their light onto my bed. The brightness of the lit up room makes me squint my eyes, but they soon focus onto the face of Georgiana, who is looking down at me.

"Miss Capulet?" asks Georgiana again.

"Yes, Georgiana." I mutter, still adjusting to the light.   I yawn deeply, and stretch my arms up above my head and then sigh heavily. Father had obviously told Katherine and Georgiana that I must be awake early.

I am about to ask of my father's whereabouts, when there is a quiet knock at my door, and Father steps inside, and held behind his back, is my ball gown.

Father is wearing a white suit, embroided with gold thread, with his usual black-grey hair brushed to his shoulders. He closes the door behind him, and walks closer towards me.

"Good morning, I hope you slept well?" Father asks me with a smile across his face.

"Yes, Father, thank you, I am very excited." I reply, smiling back.   From behind his back, he produces a beautiful gold ball gown. It has frills at the hem and at the bottom, and great lengths of ribbon around the waist. I smile gleefully, and cover my mouth to contain my happiness. 

"Oh, Father! It's beautiful!" I cry, and lean forward to embrace him.   He laughs, and hands Georgiana my dress, and from behind his back, he produces a small gold tiara.

I gasp and my eyes light up with joy.

"I thought you may need this for tonight, too, it matches the dress very beautifully." he says, also handing it to Georgiana.

"I shall leave you to prepare, and I will see you at the ballroom." Father says, and plants a small kiss on my forehead before walking back to the door, and soon, I hear his footsteps retreating from my door.

"Miss Capulet? We shall help you get dressed. " Katherine says, clapping her hands happily.

I rise from my bed, and change into the golden dress and tiara Father brought in, and look into the mirror in front of me. 

The ball tonight will most definitely be memorable.

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