Diary of a Sex Addict (Dirty Story)

This is the diary of a young man in his life. Specifically about the crazy and uncontrollable sexual desire. Sex is the whole purpose of his life. Pleasure, no one else he does not care. Every day a new partner or partner. Sometimes, not even one. Can change his life? Does not happen is wrong?







The only goal with which I wake up is how soon find themselves with someone in bed. That's the only thought that plagued me constantly. But the least I am. Sex, the only purpose of my life. And if possible the more girls. But sometimes I like to experiment and to be content with a different company. It's the  same, you will not err. Sex with men is not surprising to me. If there is no woman who uncovered the legs, I prefer men. For me there is no difference. It's important just to get the feel of enjoyment. By the way I'm Harry. Harry Edwards Styles.

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