Diary of a Sex Addict (Dirty Story)

This is the diary of a young man in his life. Specifically about the crazy and uncontrollable sexual desire. Sex is the whole purpose of his life. Pleasure, no one else he does not care. Every day a new partner or partner. Sometimes, not even one. Can change his life? Does not happen is wrong?


3. Part 1.2



Part 1.1


*P.O.V Harry*


Finally, I could feel that she wants a lot more. It issued a moistened her panties. Stretch out your hand and gently began to kiss her blinded. I felt like it is shaking. As long as my hands wandered her body and disposed of the following activities don't need small fingers her clothes come my underwear and took my pal. I felt like one of her touch me. I knew that this night we'll go back. Suddenly, Christ departed from me, and took his underwear turned me on. Now she was on top. But could bot puzzle out what's going on when my dick come in her mouth. Out of my mouth came out a silent moan. Feeling overwhelmed by all that my body was amazing. It seemed that the soul separated from the body. Her tongue like candy licking my penis.

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