Diary of a Sex Addict (Dirty Story)

This is the diary of a young man in his life. Specifically about the crazy and uncontrollable sexual desire. Sex is the whole purpose of his life. Pleasure, no one else he does not care. Every day a new partner or partner. Sometimes, not even one. Can change his life? Does not happen is wrong?


2. Part 1. 1



PART 1.1


*P.O.V Harry*


First had sex at the age of fifteen. Since then I can't control yourself. Sex for me like the weather. Wanting to feel the infinite pleasure of it all, what is most important in my life. I don't just need to have sex. I want more and more. I can have sex from morning till evening. Maybe it's not normal. But the least I am. The desire to experiment, to experience something new in this field, it's the only purpose of my life. The sex will do it all. I can even pay for. Now I am nineteen, and during these years sex with more people than most throughout his life.

So more about my first time. It was vacation time. The countryside with an old friend. If I remember the name is Christ. Surprisingly, until now, remember this. But it is on, and started all this.

As always, thanks to good nursing Christ left to sleep with me. My room was in the attic. From there, no one ever never heard anything. The first big plus. With Christ never head secrets, talking openly about everything. Even us sex was taboo. Therefore, re-touched this topic. Spake my hand traveled on Christ crotch. I felt how she trembled at my touch. I knew it as well as I am innocent. I don't know why I am even more heated. In this long fingers gently caressed Christ crotch. I felt that she loved it. Since each severe touch it moan.

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