A drunk mistake

Makayla has always loved one direction, but she always hated the crazed fans. One day, on her way to school, she sees a crowd of girls chasing no other than... One Direction. She was quite happy to see One Direction in her town. She got out of her red mustang, and headed to the crowd. She helped 1D out by stopping the crowd. 1D and makayla ended up being close. Especially Louis, Makayla and Harry. What will happen when Harry and Makayla start dating? What will happen when they fall in love? When Harry goes on tour, and is found drunk with another girl, making out, on the news, what will Makayla do?


9. Twitter and Facebook



                                                           Makayla's P. O. V.


When I woke up this morning I went to the bathroom first. I did everything I had to do. When I walked out I was about to call Jay. But then I realized, Jay went to his aunt's house. I frowned. Jay and I always spent Saturdays together. I was a little mad he never told me. I decided to text him. 'Hey' I texted.

'Hey girl!' he replied. 'what are you doing?' I asked. 'nothing. ' he said. 'same. I was going to call you because we always spent Sats together but then I remembered you ditched me without telling me.' I texted, but jokingly madly. A few moments later he replied. 'I ditched you? you are always with Harry now. only in school you hang out with me.' He replied. His words hurt my feelings that I hurt his. I cant believe it. It was true and all, but...ugh...I feel like a totally bad friend. And that's exactly what I texted him. Followed by a " im so sorry and when you get back we will hang out all day!" and then he replied back saying its ok and yay.

I got up and ate some cereal. I was bored out of my mind! Nothing to do. I couldn't hang out with Harry because he was at a photo shoot and I couldn't hang out with Justin because he went o a friends house for the day. Something about a gaming marathon. I sighed putting my bowl in the sink. I went on my phone looking through all my apps. All of them were boring or I wasn't in the mood for some. I then got to my Twitter. I barely ever get on Twitter. I only have one because I was bored one day and I like Tweeting random stuff. Last time I checked I only had about 15 followers. I decided to log on and look a random stuff. When I went to my home, I had way more then 10 followers. I had about 17,000. I had a lot. What the heck. Why did I have all this.

Then it hit me. Harry and I are a couple so of course this went world wide. I had so many followers! Yay! I went to my mentions. I had a lot. Some were bad some were good.

@Harryismylife: Omg! Makayla and Harry are so cute together! #Marry forever!

One said. I smiled. Marry is our new ship name? That's pretty cool. I smiled at the part where she said we were cute together. I made sure to write her name down to give to the boys. Then I looked at some more.

@Directioner4life: Makayla is so pretty! Oh my gawd! Harry is so lucky to have her!

Another one said. I blushed. She is so sweet.

@Harry'sBitch: Makayla doesn't deserve Harry. What has she done to make everyone like her? Nothing. She is a ugly, fat, whore. Harry doesn't really love her. He's using her for sex ' Another one said. That one hurt me. I sat there. Taken aback. I felt tears well up in my eyes. I WOULD NEVER DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT! I am not a whore and I am not using Harry! And Harry wouldn't do that!

@Styleslover:  I have no idea what Harry see's in this bitch! She is ugly and fat! I hate her. She is the ugliest creature ever. She tries to act all cool, but at the end of the day, she's nothing but a hideous fat ass slut!' Another one said. By now I was balling out crying. I didn't do anything to make people hate me. I kept scrolling even though I shouldn't have. A whole bunch of hate that made me even more upset. But every now and then there were nice things and I made sure to give there names to the boys. I signed out and decided I should just take a nap. I literally cried my self to sleep.

                                                         Harry's P. O. V.

At the photo shoot when we were done, we were walking to the big doors. " I still cant believe that you guys confessed your love!" Louis said dramatically. It made me chuckle. " And how she covered it up with food! HAHA" Niall laughed. " I cant wait till she meets our ladies" Liam said excitedly. " I know right. She will flip out!" I replied. We walked out the doors and Paul had to stand in front of us and called more body guards because there were a lot of fans. Paul made a path through them. " HARRY!" A lot of girls screamed and a lot of them were asking questions. " Harry! Is Makayla your girlfriend!" One girls screamed. I smiled at the mention of her name and nodded. " Makayla is so beautiful!" One screamed. I smiled. " Thanks love. I know she is very beautiful." I grinned. " You guys are so cute together! MARRY FOREVER!" Another girl yelled. Marry is our ship name? Cool. I wonder if Makayla knows, ill inform her later when we get out of this mess.

After a whole bunch of screams we were finally in the limo. I hopped in and sat next to Louis. Right when I sat down I pulled out my phone. I started texting her. 'Hey babe. Our ship name is Marry. What you think beautiful?" I texted. I could feel Louis looking over my shoulder because he was breathing dramatically on my shoulder causing me to laugh. " You JUST got in the car and your texting her! God your in love!" Louis squealed. I smiled and looked at everyone. Zayn was texting Perrie and Liam, Danielle and before I knew it Louis, Eleanor. Niall sat there, eating the chips.

After a while I still didn't receive a text. She always texts back in a matter of seconds. What's wrong? Louis noticed my frown. " What's wrong?" he asked. " She didn't text back yet." I frowned looking at my phone hoping for a reply. " Well, she has a life you know. " Liam chuckled. " But she always texts back within seconds. not minutes. I sent it 5 minutes ago." I replied. " Maybe she's sleeping dude. Calm down." Niall said. " Yeah. " Zayn agreed. Okay maybe. I calmed down. I was still waiting to get home so I could go over her house. We coul talk about our ship name! Yay! Wow im like a fangirl. Haha

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