A drunk mistake

Makayla has always loved one direction, but she always hated the crazed fans. One day, on her way to school, she sees a crowd of girls chasing no other than... One Direction. She was quite happy to see One Direction in her town. She got out of her red mustang, and headed to the crowd. She helped 1D out by stopping the crowd. 1D and makayla ended up being close. Especially Louis, Makayla and Harry. What will happen when Harry and Makayla start dating? What will happen when they fall in love? When Harry goes on tour, and is found drunk with another girl, making out, on the news, what will Makayla do?


11. Perfect girlfriend


                                                             Makayla's P. O. V.

I stood at my make up desk. I never put a lot of make up on, I go for the natural look. I put some mascara on. I tried my best to make it look perfect. I have to look perfect for now on, wherever I go. I don't think I cant handle anymore hate. I put some lip gloss on to, applied some foundation and then put it all away. I admired myself in the mirror. Ok, I look good. Now hair.

I put my hair into a French braid and tried my best to make it look good. I then went downstairs to see Harry waiting patiently. " wow." He muttered to himself. I suddenly got really self conscious. I started to panick. " Oh my god! Is it bad? Just give me 5 mo-" I started babbling but Harry cut me off by giving me a hug. " No! You look gorgeous!" He said into the crook of my neck. "Thank you. Now get off me. I don't want any wrinkles in my clothes." I said playfully pushing me back. He chuckled. " Ok, beautiful. Lets go." He said as we walked outside to his car.

When we arrived, their were some fans crowding the car. I honestly didn't mind that much. " Im sorry." Harry said. " No its fine. Take pictures with them." I said getting out of the car. He grabbed my hand.

"HARRY can I have a picture!" They screamed. " sure." He said. I backed up some  so he could do the pictures. " No, silly! I need you to." The girl said. I smiled and walked up to him. we did a pose all of us. " Now can I get just Makayla?" The girl asked. " Sure" I answered. I took a picture and then she said Thanks. " No problem " I smiled. Some girls wanted photo's with me and some didn't. I didn't really mind though. " Makayla! I love you so much! can I get your autograph?" One girl asked. I felt special. " Of course!" I said and signed her notebook. " Your look really pretty!" she said as Harry was occupied taking more pictures. " Thank you so much! You look great to!" I said giving her a hug.

After a while of signing stuff and taking pictures we were inside ordering our meal. When the waiter left Harry looked at me. " See! They love you!" He said. I looked down blushing. " Don't pay attention to what the haters say." He said. Its true, I shouldn't pay attention to them. I nodded, taking a sip of my soda. " You know I love you right?" He asked grabbing my hand. " Yeah." I said blushing. " I love you to." I said. He leaned over the table and gave me a chaste kiss. Then the waiter came back. " Here you go love." He said handing me my food. "here" He said to Harry. "Is there anything else I can get you, beautiful?'' He asked turning to me. I blushed and shook my head no. " Ok. Enjoy." He said walking away.

" I don't like him." Harry growled. " what? What did he do?" I asked. " He likes you, obviously." he said giving me a look as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. " I don't think I want you to look so beautiful anymore. Its getting peoples attention." He said smirking. I blushed and looked down, taking a bite of my food. Once we were done eating, we went back to our car.

When we pulled up to my driveway we went inside. " Thank you for breakfast." I said as I sat down on the couch turning the T. V. on. " No problem, love." He said taking a seat next to me. The channel was on something about celebs. " Harry Styles caught with ANOTHER girl." The woman said. " He wasn't with his girlfriend, Makayla. He was seen with a girl out side of a recording studio." She added. Harry looked at me. " Makayla, I promise nothing happened! I swear! You know how the media gets. I swear no-" He began in a panicked tone.


                                                                 Harry's P. O. V.

 Nothing happened. I was walking with a woman from management talking about the songs and fans and when we go on tour. This always happens, and the girls always leave me. But to my surprise, Makayla stopped me from the babbling. " Its fine. I understand management. I believe you." She said putting her finger on my lips. I couldn't believe this. She actually understood. " I love you so much, Makayla. You are the ONLY girl who believed me." I said hugging her. She chuckled. " I love you, too." She replied. She then pulled from the hug and crashed her lips on mine. I honestly think this girl is the one.

We kissed more and more. Things got heated pretty quickly. I was hovering over her on the couch and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I tugged at the hem of the top of her rompers trying to pull them off. She allowed me to pull it off. But it didn't come off because her phone went  off. She stopped. I sighed in frustration. She answered it.

" Hello?" She answered. " Oh Hey!... cool! ... Okay i'll call you later. Yeah love you to." She hung up. " Who was it?" I asked. " It was my dad! He's coming home tomorrow! I have to pick him up at the airport! YAY!" She squealed. " Awesome!" I said raising my hands in the air for her to hug me. She did. Then she pulled away looking for something. " Kato! come here boy!" She called. Not even a moment passed before her giant dog came rushing in. " Daddy's coming home boy!" She said hugging me. He barked and kissed her. " Hey boy!" I said waving to him. He looked at me and if looks could kill, id be dead. " he doesn't like me." I chuckled. She laughed.

So her dad is coming home. I hope he likes me.

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